Tuesday 16 November 2021

Amazing Morning Sky

WHERE ARE WE? 6 Mile Cove, Nevada   GPS 35.453243  -114.679302
NEXT DESTINATION? Lake Havasu, Arizona

Because of the time change now that we will be on Arizona time, we have decided to change while still in Nevada because our phones all think we are in Arizona.  Arizona is just across the other side of the river so its probably easier to just give in and change early.  Because my body is all mixed up about the time, I woke up early just as the sun was coming up.  This is not something I do often so I was in awe when I looked out the window.  The sunrise was as good as any sunset I have ever seen.  I had to get out of bed and watch it.  Amazing!!!

Remember the part about the racoons in yesterdays post?  The racoons only bothered us for a little while last night.  Although they are pesky they didn't do any obvious damage.  The only thing we saw was a lot of footy prints.  They had crawled on everything.  Their cute little paw prints were all over Sues chair proving that they had crawled up to try and look in the Motorhome window.

We are enjoying our time here at 6 mile cove.  Generally these places are quiet and not much happens, but not today.  First thing was a contractor has been here for a couple days painting pit toilets.  Not really exciting but action none the less

And then the garbage truck showed up.  One thing that the Lake Mead Recreation Area does well is to provide lots of garbage dumpsters.  It does seem to work somewhat in keeping people from just throwing garbage on the ground.

At morning Happy Hour Angie was telling us about what she is sewing at present.  She is very good at creating purses and this is one of her creations.  She does sell them so if you are interested let me know.  I think she said $80.00 plus shipping.  Heck of a deal.

After coffee Chuck and I got out our kayaks.  Our blow up kayak has been riding around in my secret compartment for about 4 years since I last used it.  So we got out the air pumps and pretty soon we were out on the water.  

The lake is crystal clear and you can see right to the bottom in 30+ feet of water.  It was a great day to paddle around.  The sun was bright while posing for a picture.

There were lots of fishermen in boats hanging around our cove today catching some pretty big fish.  They came in pretty close so we got to see how big the fish were.  I'm gonna guess that one of them was 30 inches and maybe 25 pounds.

Well our time here is quite warm and we really appreciate that when we see what our kids and grandkids are up to back home.  Our son Derek and grandson Lincoln were out in a bunch of snow.  I'm glad I don't have to deal with that stuff down here. 

We had a nice bonfire tonight with smores and good conversation.  This was the view out our window tonight!!

I finished up my evening watching a couple episodes of my favorite show.  Yup its Hogan's Heroes!!  I love it when we get MeTv!   Hope you got to do something you enjoy today as well.



  1. Beautiful sunrise. I am looking forward to sitting out and watching the sun come up in the wide open space of the desert. There is just something so quiet and peaceful about that time of the day. Great shot of the moon through the trees in your last post. Sounds like you are really enjoying this years journey.

    1. We have been hitting the weather just perfect. Not too hot or cold.

  2. " I know nothing..." -Shultz

  3. I have always thought sunrises and sets were pretty much interchangeable in their beauty. Hardy Cancucks your son and family, I noticed a picnic going on in the background! Have a great day.

    1. Wish we were meeting you here. We will try to keep you in the loop with our posts.

  4. Wow beautiful sunrise, I'm glad you woke up for it! Hubby always watches Hogan's Heroes as well.

  5. Gorgeous sunrise!!!
    We enjoy the old shows in Me TV.
    You've got a great spot for water sports.

  6. It’s been like 4 years since we had the kayak blown up.


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