Wednesday 17 November 2021

A Few more Projects

WHERE ARE WE? 6 Mile Cove Nevada 
NEXT DESTINATION? Lake Havasu Arizona

The day turned out to be quite windy so I took the opportunity to do a few more projects.  I have been wanting to add some tension to the awning so it would roll up properly.  Chuck gave me a hand and I think it is good now.  

I have been having some troubles with my batteries jiggling around in their area.  When I added two batteries a few years ago I put a wooden edge on the bottom which has come loose and departed company a while ago.  Now when we go down washboard roads they tend to jiggle out to where the slide is holding them in.  The batteries are in their 7th year of life with no signs of slowing down, so I had better look after them.  Lead acid are only supposed to last 3-5 years so I guess I'm lucky.

I found some metal laying around at the last place we were at so I got busy and cut it and drilled some holes to mount it. 

I think the brace will work well.  Yes it looks crooked but that is because the frame was built on an angle to match the side of the Motorhome.  I don't always build things straight or level but in this case it is not my fault!!  We have some rough roads to travel in Mexico so it will get tested there.

Another project was to clean all the dust off of the Jeep from pulling it behind the Motorhome down the 6 miles of dusty roads.  Actually P & H's Jeep looked worse than mine.

I took old yeller down to the lake and gave it a good wash off with a pail and a rag.  It looks much better now.

We saw lots of wildlife today in the form of minnows jumping and striped Bass chasing them.  Then the egrets and seagulls would get in the frenzy as well.  I think everyone except the minnows will have full bellies by bed time.

That was it for our day.  I think we are hitting the road again tomorrow.  I say think because we are never sure until the wheels are turning.  Hope you had a great day.


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