Saturday 6 November 2021

Here Kitty Kitty

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead, Nevada 

One of those do nothing days happened at our house today.  I try my hardest, but sometimes I just can't make anything of interest happen.  One little story to share maybe.  Last night after dark I heard a lady way down on the lake front calling for her cat.  She called for quite a while so I figured her cat must have gone on the prowl.  Now remember I posted about all of the coyotes around here. We saw 8 of them the other morning wandering around. Well I'm thinking the missing cat problem didn't end well cause this morning we saw this sign on the dumpster.  I always feel sorry for the kids, cause it was probably one of them that let it out.  I hope they found it but if I was a betting man, I wouldn't put much money on it.  

I did have to head into town to get a new 3 amp fuse for the fridge.  Nothing eventful to report.  Just a picture of the park entrance on the way home.  Town is about 10 miles or so away.

And to follow up on our Jeep tour yesterday, Jeremy sent me a picture of the Jeep last winter getting its new suspension and transmission work.  It made the suspension much easier to do when they took the body off plus it looked impressive!!!

It was a bit windy this evening so we all just stayed home and did our own things.  Hope you had a great day.

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