Sunday 7 November 2021

Moving to Pahrump

WHERE ARE WE?  Pahrump, Nevada  36.21344855487052, -115.9595022894835
NEXT DESTINATION? Telephone Cove, Nevada

Its moving day today.  We are going to find our friend Kyra over at Pahrump Nevada.  We don't have far to drive so spent some time at morning Happy Hour before pulling out.  Our trip today will be something like this.

First things first.  After 15 days at Government Wash our tanks are getting full and our water is getting low.  We have hauled one tank of water and hauled some grey water away while we were camped here.  So off we went.  Goodbye for now Government Wash!!!  One good thing about this area is that they have lots of garbage dumpsters, so the trash laying around is a lot less than some spots we stay in.

There is a little campground within the Recreation Area we are in that has water and dump facilities. It is free for us because we have a National Park Pass.  Harold and I headed over there while the girls went to town to do some wifi techy stuff at Best Buy.

The trip is about 80 miles so it won't take too long to get there.  We do have a bit of a mountain pass to go over so it will be a nice drive.  

We arrived in good time to get set up before dark.  We are on the east side of town up towards the mountains.  Here is where we are on the map.  The coordinates are 36.21344855487052, -115.9595022894835 if you want to boondock.  There is lots of room farther up the mountain road and all around us.

Like I said, we have a nice little spot here for a few days.  There are the mountains behind us and the city of Pahrump in front of us.   We are about a mile out of town.

I went for a little walk after dark and noticed that you can see the lights of Las Vegas behind the mountains.  We are about 70 miles from there so that tells you how bright the city is.

We hope to have Chuck and Ang join us tomorrow and Kyra will be by to have coffee with us in the morning.  We are here to visit with her, and also to explore Death Valley a little bit.  It should be fun.  Here is the view out our window tonight.

Lots of our Canadian friends are lining up for the border crossing starting at midnight tonight.  We look forward to hearing your stories around a bonfire where it is warm.  Good luck and enjoy your winter.  

Here is an interesting picture.  I always appreciate something that plays with my mind.  Hope you had a great day.  


  1. Many memories of Pahrump. Enjoy the fun times with friends.

  2. We took a ride there when we were staying at Death Valley a few years back. Nice area. Isn't the National Park Pass a great investment. Keep enjoying the ride.

  3. We always get our moneys worth out of the pass.


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