Monday 1 November 2021

A Little Hike

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead, Nevada 

Today our friends Michael and Sandra broke camp around 9 am and headed out to continue on with their adventure.  A quick goodbye and promises to make sure we kept in touch, and they were off.  Bye guys, we sure enjoyed our time with you.

So we finished our coffee and then I went up to help Chuck find some wires so he can hook up his solar.  They bought a new 5th wheel and it is what they call solar ready.  Well the only thing is that they hid all the wires for the solar ready part.   We finally found some in the wall but we have no idea where they go.  I took some pictures in the wall to try figure it out.

It looked like something down there so I pulled on the wire and poof, it came out with no indication where it runs now.  Oh well, we are going for a hike so I will have time to think about it.  At least we know the wire is 8 AWG and heavy enough to support 2-100 watt panels so that is a plus.  So we headed up the Lake Mead Parkway for about 20 miles to a nice little 1 mile hike around some red rocks.  Apparently they were sand dunes at one time and the wind over the years have hardened them while leaving the insides somewhat pliable by the wind.   When we got there I got a picture of Chuck discovering America!  I thought this is what Christopher Columbus must have looked like as he surveyed the country.

Sure hope that rock up there doesn't fall on anyone's head. 

Chuck and Angie love to hike and they are all decked out.  Meanwhile Sue and I are kinda like the tourists.

Our hike today was very interesting.  The rocks were beautiful and the hike was quite gentle.  I even got dared to climb up and check it out.  I felt like a bird in a nest.

A couple more pictures and we headed home. Tomorrow is going to be a great day so don't forget to check in with us.  Until then hope you enjoyed your day as well.


  1. Thanks for helping Chuck find the wires, he was getting pretty frustrated. I hope we meet up with Michael and Sandra again, they are such a wealth of boondocking knowledge.

  2. The red sand stones were beautiful. Hopefully the solar setup comes together. Try GOOGLE 😁

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