Tuesday 23 November 2021

More Friends Arrive!

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA Quartzite, AZ 

This morning we got a text from Kyra telling us that her friend Evelyn will be dropping by Quartzite for a few days.  It wasn't long and we saw her coming down the road.  She got situated and joined us in our extra long happy hour.   Happy Hour ran from 9 am until about 5 pm.  It was like a come and go tea!!  We are happy to have her join our little group for a few days.

While the extended happy hour was going on, Harold, Chuck and I headed off to work on some of our projects.  Harold and I worked on some more of his solar because he got the controller and remote delivered today.  First we had to find a good spot for the remote read out and then drill some holes to get all the wiring to the right place.  X marks the spot!

We ran the remote wire along side of the soon to be hooked up solar wires. It was an easy spot to get at.  We will hide all the wires and fasten them in place when we finish up the project but for now they are hanging loose in case we need to have more or less wire for the panels.

We cut the hole and mounted the remote in a nice spot on the side of the kitchen cupboard.  It will be easy to see.

After that was in place we mounted the controller in a nice spot under the stairs.  Maybe tomorrow we will have another look at hiding it in the battery box somewhere but I think this spot will work best.

About 2 o'clock we decided that we had worked for a good solid hour and a half and our collective agreement says that is the limit for one day.  We didn't want to break any rules so we headed off to join the happy hour once again.  Maybe I should qualify the fact that our happy hours don't involve alcohol until late afternoon but they are still happy.  It wasn't long and we saw Gayle and John coming over to join us.  I got up to welcome them when out from behind the motorhome popped none other than our blogging buddies and friends, Bill and Patsy.  They had decided at last minute to come spend time in Q with Gayle and John!!  What an awesome surprise.  We had been hoping to meet up with them and meet Gibbs, their new dog.  He is a cutie!!  So we spent an hour or so with the four of them and hope we can spend some more time together while they are here.  You can check them out at Chillin' with Patsy and On Our Way which are the blogs they write.  By the way, thank you for looking at the camera today Gayle!!  LOL

Earlier in the afternoon Chuck and Angie and Pat and Harold went into town to check out Alaska Dan (Dan Leperance) at a Mexican food joint called Gringo's.  Dan is the singer that we saw a few days ago at the Beatles tribute concert.  I was impressed with his guitar playing and wanted to see him again and it so happens he is at Gringo's every Tuesday and Friday from 3 to 6 or so.  After our happy hour broke up, Sue and I decided to head in to catch the tail end of his performance.  It was kind of like an intimate performance in that there was the 6 of us and one other couple there, so we got lots of requests in and got to interact lots with him.  I'm sure the place will be packed in a couple weeks when everyone starts gearing up for the RV show.

He is a good performer and can sure make the guitar sing.  He will be there all winter I think so if you are in Q, check him out.  They have great Taco specials too and they are yummy!!  We will be back.

So a lot happened today and we loved every minute of it.  We can only wonder what tomorrow will bring.  We are constantly being reminded that we are getting closer to heading into Mexico.  Kenia sent us some pictures of her food and Julie and Steve and Kerry and Tracy posted a picture of them visiting her restaurant.  I hope they don't mind that I stole them!! We are looking forward to seeing all of them next month and trying some of that great food.


Life is about the people you surround yourself with and my gosh we have a great group in our lives and everyday is an opportunity to add to that list.  We hope everyone feels the same.


  1. Yay! I'm glad she made it.

  2. Sounds like a great day and yum that food looks good!

  3. We have been waiting a long time for the reunion with you two! So glad we could all make it happen!
    Maybe we'll be going in Friday night to see Dan and get some good food!! Silly Al's is also in our sights. ♥

  4. We will have to try out Gringo's I see they have fish taco's on Friday. It looks like you are building a nice community of friends over there. Keep enjoying your time in the desert.

  5. Big crowd today. The food looks exquisite 👌 I can see why you're heading south of the border 😉


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