Monday 22 November 2021

The Solar Project Begins

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite AZ 

Today is Monday which was always wash day when I was a kid.  Sue, Pat and Angie thought so too so off they went to get the laundry done.  It is a beautiful day with a nice breeze blowing to keep us cool.  Harold and I got busy figuring out what we will need for small parts when we put his solar together.  He is waiting on his panels, controller and remote before we can get down to business.  We headed down to see Brian Boone and buy some stuff from him.  Wire, terminal block, twisted pair wire, butt connectors etc. is what we will need.  If you need anything to do with RV electric stuff you can purchase it on Brians e-store at brianboonesgotsolar   If you are thinking of installing solar, he has lots of videos you can watch about all his installs.  So please use his site to order your stuff.  Yes he gets a little kickback but it doesn't cost you a penny more and if you order lots he doesn't mind answering your solar questions if you contact him.  Plus I consider him a friend of ours.  

We decided where the wires from the panels will come in so we drilled some holes for the them.

Then we pulled the wires through and hid them behind the window.  A wood trim will go over the bottom part of the wires.

While we were working, I got a message from Patsy who is a friend of ours and the author of the blog Chillin with Patsy, informing me that her sister Gayle (I hope that is the right spelling) and her husband John were in South La Posa as well.  I sent our coordinates and while we were working away, they drove up. I had never met Gayle, but have communicated about RV stuff with her a while ago.  It was nice to meet them and we set up to do a bonfire or happy hour with them soon.  Because the girls were all away doing laundry, they were not there to meet them so we will have them with us when we visit.  I grabbed a quick picture but didn't realize Gayle was not looking at the camera.  Sorry!!

We finished up our today project and had a little happy hour with just the boys.  We all agreed that a nap might be helpful so away we went.  I didn't even get comfortable and the girls came back so we had another happy hour with them.  Sue likes to hang shirts outside to dry so our happy hour was at Sues Laundry!!

Murphy just couldn't take the excitement of another happy hour so he went for a nap instead of us!!

Harold and I went for a little walk before sunset and I spotted an owl in a cactus!!  Not really an owl, but it does look like one doesn't it?

Another beautiful sunset in the desert.  They just keep coming. 

I promised a better picture of the Sleeping Indian.  Can you see him better today?

He does look like he has a head of green hair doesn't he?  You can see whatever you want if you let your imagination wander.  Today our daughter Sheri posted a very thought provoking quote on Facebook.  It has had me thinking all day about its effect on my life as well as others lives.  We spend a lot of time worrying what others think about us don't we?  She is practicing the High Five Yourself!!  I will leave it with you to ponder for a while.  Thanks Sheri.


  1. I can see the sleeping Indian in your picture but have never spotted it for myself. It is amazing what you see when you let your imagination wander. We had that beautiful sunset over on Roadrunner, also. The quote your daughter posted and you shared are words to live by.

    1. Our daughter is sometimes a pretty deep thinker. She and all our kids make ole dad proud!!

  2. Yay! I'm glad Gayle and John (yes that's the correct spelling) found you.
    Love the Sleeping Indian but I've never noticed it either.
    Good luck with the panels.

  3. Great picture of the sleeping Indian and the sunsets. Elva Shannon

    1. Sunsets are always a challenge. They are all pretty and I keep asking myself if I am over posting them. Just when I ask that, someone like you mentions that you like them, so I guess I will just post them if I get them.


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