Sunday 28 November 2021

Another Bonfire with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite AZ 

After some breezy and overcast days last week, the weather has been getting back to normal.  Today was a gorgeous day with a light breeze, and the evening was warm and calm.  We always say we come south chasing 24C and that is what we had today.  The forecast is predicting much of the same.

If you remember a couple weeks ago, we did a little schedule on the big piece of cardboard and our plan (in Jello) was to move from Quartzite to Yuma on December 1.  The reason was because we are chasing 24C and in December you generally have to move farther south to keep in that zone.  This year the temps in Yuma are a little warmer than that so our plan may change.  You can see that there is a 3 or 4 degree difference between here and Yuma, which is only 65 miles down the road.  Another factor is that P&H are waiting on the delivery of their solar panels which should happen soon.  We will roll with the punches, I guess.

Harold and I headed into town in the morning to watch the RC Planes fly.  Our friend Bill was going in to fly his plane and we want to watch him.  When we got there, we discovered they were changing out the carpet on the staging area and taxi ways so there was no flying.  Bill was already helping put it down.  These organizations rely on the volunteer help to make them happen.  We will have to try another day.

I puttered away at some projects.  The mudflaps on the Jeep needed to be secured better so I spent some time on that.  Our basement doors needed some attention because the lining is old and falling off so I used an old Red Green trick on them. 

We got all our chores and supper done up and got a fire going.  We had told everyone that we would try to have a fire tonight.  We had lots of people show up and they brought lots of good conversation.  Because the evening was calm and actually quite warm, everyone stuck around until about 9:30.  There is nothing like a bonfire to take the cares of the world away.  We are trying to stay away from politics and Covid conversations which makes for more relaxed conversations.  Thanks for coming over and making our evening enjoyable.  I'm sure if you check the blogs I have listed with the pictures below, they will have much better pictures than I do.  Pat and Harold showed up after the picture taking, but for the record, they were there.  

John, Gayle, Patsy, (Chillin with Patsy), Bill, (On Our Way), and my empty chair.

Angie, Chuck, John, Gayle

Sue, Deb, (Celebrating the Dance), Tom

There is nothing better than spending time with friends.  We talked about a lot of our blogger friends tonight so if your ears were burning, we probably mentioned you.  All good stuff.  Just a quick reminder that Shadowmoss will be hosting this years "Blogger Fest" right here in South La Posa LTVA.  She will be at the Pavilion by the gate on January 22, 2022 at 1 pm.  It is a neat way to meet some of the people you follow online.  Join here if you can!  You can follow Shadowmoss by checking her blog at "In the Shadows".  Our schedule this year will not allow us to be there.  
We had another great day in the desert and we are anticipating another one tomorrow.  Hope your day was great too.

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