Friday 19 November 2021

We are finally at Q!

WHERE ARE WE? Plomosa Road, Quartzite AZ 

Six Mile Cove has been a great place to hang out for a few days.  It is always nice to be by the water.  Today we are moving on down the road to Quartzite.  We were the last to leave and we said goodbye to the tree that has been our front yard.  We will be back!!

So this morning we packed up and bounced up the washboard road and headed south toward Laughlin, and Bullhead City, where we will get some fuel.  Sue drove the Jeep ahead of me going out the 6 mile long dusty road and took this picture in her rear view mirror.  I'm glad we didn't hook up cause that would have been a dusty Jeep.  

Our trip today will take us along this route.  We will have to push it to get to Q before dark with the fuel and grocery stops.

The price of diesel fuel in this part of the country ranges from $3.69 to $4.23 for Diesel Fuel.  Of course if you slip into California you will pay $6.99 for Diesel!!!

Diesel Fuel in Bullhead City was $3.25 a gallon, but only at a couple stations.  The one we chose was kinda small and really crowded but we made out ok.  I figure between the Motorhome and Jeep we saved about $50.00.  I know I sound like my wife when she goes shopping and coming home and telling me how much she saved.  I always say much did you spend?

We took the scenic route south through Havasu because we love to see all the areas down by the river.  Havasu gets bigger and bigger every time we go through there it seems.  We were going to spend the day at Havasu and check out London Bridge but that plan kinda fell by the wayside so all we got was a picture of the sign.  

We continued on to Parker where we did a major grocery shop.  Quartzite doesn't have great grocery selection so we stocked up on the hard to get stuff.  We arrived just before dark and got set up just in time.  We will be here for a while doing some repairs to the Ponderosa and P & H will be installing their solar panels.

Our first glimpse of Q in a few years was the lights of town in the distance.  We will go in and check it out tomorrow.  So until then have a good night!!


  1. We almost drove the same route today, have a great time in Quartzite :-)

  2. The Q is always an interesting place to be, we are looking forward to our time there in January and February. This is where there is a RC model flying club that I enjoy and hope to do a lot of flying this winter. Pat's sister and B-I-L are there in LaPosa South right now. Hope we cross paths when we are at Pilot Knob, take care and have fun.

  3. Enjoy your time in the Q. We are and always do. Hope you get all the repairs done in between relaxing in the desert and just enjoying your time.

  4. I may come and search out the Happy and Queen Bee one day!!


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