Saturday 27 November 2021

A Jeep Tour

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite, AZ 

Another nice morning in the desert.  We did some computer stuff and then went outside for morning coffee.  It was quite warm.  

We had an urge to go do something different today so we had a quick lunch and grabbed our stuff and headed out on a little Jeep tour.  We have never been to Bouse AZ so today we headed the 20 miles up Plomosa Roads to the town of Bouse.  Not a very big town but there are lots of RV parks.  There is a lounge there and it was full of desert warriors.  

We came across a farmer who has been working on that tractor for quite a while.  

The town had a little rest area along the highway and in it they had lots of interesting old stuff.  It is a railway/mining/agricultural area obviously.

After touring the town, we headed back toward Quartzite.  We took some of the back roads and turned onto Highway 60 where ran across a bunch of abandoned stuff near an RV Park in Brenda AZ.  I don't know the story behind it but I'm sure there is one.  For now, only pictures.

This old Lincoln has not seen the road for a long time.  It is very well preserved though.

There was a little restaurant there as well and it looked fairly busy.

We headed down I-10 to Gold Nugget mine road where we headed down a 4 x 4 trail.  The trail was narrow and rough but it followed the interstate for a bit.

The trail soon turned toward the mountains and got really rough and narrow with lots of sharp washes to climb in and out of.  It was fun but after going 10 miles or so the road turned and headed back the direction we had just come.

We wanted to go toward Q so we kept searching for alternate trails.  Some of the trails were a little too deep at the bottom so I was glad that I walked down to check them out.  If we were not alone, I would have tried it knowing someone could pull me out.  We were pretty much at the point where we were going to have to retrace our trail all the way back to the beginning.

We saw some little cactus on a ridge that reminded us of marmots standing guard.  Lousy picture but you get the idea.  They didn't point us in the right direction either.

Well to make a long story short a nice young gentleman came along in a side by side and we told him our lost story.  He looked at the Jeep and said we would have no problem getting to the next trail by going across country.  With that, he pointed us in the right direction and off he drove.  Poor Sue was worried that we would be lost in the desert forever!!  I love having her along because she keeps things interesting.  It was pretty tricky getting through some of the washes especially since there was no road to follow but we made it.  Whew!!!!

We made it home just in time for the end of afternoon Happy Hour.  

We spent some time checking out the mountain.  Sue and Pat got some information on some different things that can be seen if your look hard enough.  I guess they were right because here is what we picked out tonight.  I have intentionally flipped some of the pictures to make it easier to see.  I know this will only be interesting if you visit Quartzite South La Posa, but we have lots of friends here right now who may find it interesting.  All of the things are within the head of the "Sleeping Indian".

The first thing is the horse.  I have trouble calling it a horse because I think it looks like a white tail deer.

If you look closely, you can see a cat's face. It is amazingly real after you find it.

This one may take you a minute to see.  It is a King.  I think it looks like Julius Cesar with that leaf head band.   He has sort of squinty eyes doesn't he. 

Ok Ok enough of the silliness.  It was time to go indoors.  Here in the desert it gets quite cold for about and hour when the sun goes over the hill.  After darkness sets in, it is like the temperature rises back to where it is quite comfortable.  We had some supper and I had to eat the last piece of pie from our Thanksgiving dinner.

I talked Sue into watching this weeks episode of Survivor.  I am enjoying this season with all the new twists.  I don't remember the last time so many contestants have gone home with idols in their pockets!!  After Survivor was over it was time for bed.  Goodnight!!


  1. You are getting out to some fun territory with your jeep. Thanks for the pictures of the mountains, they were fun to see again :-)

  2. Beautiful blue sky! We haven't seen that here in Albania for quite a few days.

  3. All except the cat, I see the mountain pictures. :) That is fun and you're right, once you see them, they are very obvious.
    Sounds like a fun ride, we'll have to check Bouse out when we're here in January or February. I like the multi-armed Saguaro beside the Lincoln best! :)


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