Saturday 13 November 2021

A Trip to Death Valley

WHERE ARE WE? Pahrump, Nevada 
NEXT DESTINATION? Las Vegas Bay RV Park, Henderson, NV

This morning I had a couple things to do before our day got started.  First thing was to clean out the firepit because we burned a bunch of wood from pallets last night.  I carry a magnet with us for just these occasions.  Lots of places we go have nails in the firepits and I always try to clean them up.  I estimate that I came up with about a pound of nails just from our fire last night.

Second job was to get our 20 lb. propane tank filled.  The only place open today was Tractor Supply.  They are generally the cheapest place around, but the prices of propane have gone crazy.  Still not bad compared to back home. 

Back when we came to Pahrump a week ago, it was for 2 reasons.  1. To visit Kyra which we have done every day I think.  We enjoy spending time with her and this will be all we see her this year.   2. To check out Death Valley.  Today we decided we would head over to Dante's View which is a neat tourist attraction.  Death Valley is normally a really hot place to visit, but this time of year it cools down a bit so is a good time to tour out there. We left just before noon and Pat and Harold took Chuck and Angie in their Jeep and Sue and I followed in the Yellow Jeep. It was a lovely drive with the windows open and the wind in our hair. 

We travelled for about an hour before arriving at our destination, Dantes View.  The viewpoint is at almost 5500 ft and the floor of the valley below is about 280 ft below sea level.  

Chuck and Angie decided to hike about a half mile up to a viewpoint for a look.  I decided to tag along with them.  Now I know you are saying that the old heart attack victim shouldn't be hiking, but I now understand my limits and can climb hills without a lot of problems. I know exactly when I have to stop to catch my breath for about 30 seconds, and then I am able to carry on.  If I push it too much, it takes me 3 or 4 minutes of puffing away to get things under control.  Being careful today, I made it to the top with only 3 stops.  Pretty good I thought.  Amazing views from there and I got a couple shots of Chuck and Angie out on the view point. 

Oh yes, a little proof that I was there. 

On the way home we stopped by the Amargosa Opera House and Hotel which is located in Death Valley Junction.  A lady by the name of Marta Beckett came here in 1967 from NYC and opened the Opera House.  She was the main performer for many years and is now in her 90's I think.  The Opera House was shut down for Covid and has not reopened yet.  People from all over the world came here to witness her performances.  There is a neat little part of history back here in the desert.  Apparently only 2 people now live in the town, but the hotel is still operating.

Well another great day but our time here in Pahrump is coming to and end.  We will be moving on tomorrow but tonight we had another bonfire with all our friends around.  Kyra, Evelyn, Pat, Harold, Angie, Chuck, Sue, and I.  We have had a good time here and hopefully will see Kyra and Evelyn, sooner rather than later.  Goodnight.

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