Monday 15 November 2021

These Pretty Spots just show up in the Desert

WHERE ARE WE? 6 Mile Cove 
NEXT DESTINATION? Lake Havasu, Arizona

We spent the night back at Government Wash in the parking lot.  We didn't want to have to unhook and go down the bumpy road to find a spot so opted for staying hooked up and being in a parking lot.  We were only here for a sleep anyway.

We had our normal morning Happy Hour and then Chuck announce 20 minutes till we leave.  

So off we went.  Because we have never been to 6 Mile Cove, the plan was for us to head down to Searchlight and unhook and take the Jeep to make sure it was an ok place.  The others had to dump and fill with water so by the time they did all of that, we could do the scout and be back to Searchlight to meet them.   

Everything went according to plan and we all met in Searchlight and went to Denny's for brunch.  I think pictures of eating are getting old, so I didn't take any.   After brunch we headed down the long road to 6 Mile Cove.  The first 8 miles or so are paved but after that there is about 5 miles of wash board sand and gravel road.  The road is downhill all the way to the lake and it seems that it will never end.

At the end of the boring road there is a pretty little area beside Lake Mohave.  I remembered back a month or so ago as we travelled through Colorado, the water of the Colorado River was muddy and all churned up.  Although Lake Mohave, like Lake Mead is part of the Colorado River, they are now crystal clear.  I guess all the sediment we saw in Colorado is deposited in lakes as the river winds its way south.

We spent some time chatting after we got all set up.  We have no real plans for this stop so how long we stay will be directly relevant to how much we enjoy our stay.  If you remember the flow chart we made the other day, we had decided to be here 2 days but remember our plans are normally in Jello.

There are a few fishermen out on the lake and towards sundown we could see lots of fish jumping.  Around dusk we saw 3 coyotes walking nearby and later Harold had to chase 3 racoons away from his door.  We think maybe people have been feeding them so they hang around.  Maybe I can get some pictures tomorrow.  As I write this, the little buggers are under the motorhome exploring.  They are sooo noisy and nosey.  

We sat outside long enough that the moon came out nice and bright.  I took a picture with my phone and it turned out awesome!  I don't normally get good pictures so enjoy this one.   I am told that there is a partial eclipse of the moon on November 19 so we will be watching for that one.

We think we are going to have fun at this spot.  It is secluded and quiet.  Hope you find a quiet place to have fun.  I'll be here getting more creative!!


  1. Can you pass on the gps coordinates,might check it out in a month ,is there much room we're your set up ? Thanks

    1. And there is room for a dozen rigs. 9 mile cove apparently is nice too. It’s just down the road.

    2. Thanks Lorne ,just showing the wife your blog , seeing if I can talk her into that spot !

  2. Message from Irwin. Do not let those beggars hang out under the motorhome. They are crazy for chewing hoses and wires. Yikes!!
    Good pictures though 😀

  3. Yes they are. They have not come back since first night.


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