Sunday 21 November 2021

Just Another Sunday

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA Quartzite, AZ 

Sunday is normally a quiet day.  We did the morning happy hour over at Chuck and Angies with lots of chatter.  A quad came driving along and stopped near us. I looked over and recognized none other than Brian Boone.  He was looking at a solar job near us and spotted us.  He joined us for a half hour or so and we did a lot of catching up.  The last time we saw him was about 3 years ago in Florida!!  Also while we were visiting, Pete the prospector showed up in his Razor.  I met him about 5 years ago when we were parked near him.  He and his wife have a Rexall Roseaire like ours.  He is always fun to talk to about finding gold.  He admits that it is not a very lucrative business but it passes the time.  After we got all the visiting done I decided to look at my rear seat for the Jeep.  The rear seat has a subwoofer mounted in it in a fiberglass box and the whole thing weights about 100 pounds.  It makes it really difficult to remove when we need the room in the back to haul things.  I have no use for the subwoofer and would rather have a light seat that I can take in and out of the Jeep when I need the space.  So Chuck and Harold and I proceeded to take a wrecking bar to the seat.  

Chuck was a good help getting the thing apart.  He doesn't give up easily and soon he had the frame separated from the fiberglass box.

Now the seat will be quite manageable for one person to put in and out.  And I will make it back into a foam seat so backseat riders will not have to sit on that hard fiberglass seat.  That's a project for another day.  Chuck said he could probably use the subwoofer, which itself probably weighed 15 pounds, so it found a new home.  Thanks Chuck, I'm sure Angie will be pleased with my decision to give it to you!!

We have a new circle here at South La Posa.  Because we were in a hurry when we parked, the circle is not a circle, but rather a hither and yon sort of configuration.  It will work for us I bet!

I have to include a view today of the Sleeping Indian!!  Its one of the things we love about this area.   We can see the head but that trees hide a bit of it.   I will try to get a picture when the shadows are right.

The view out our window tonight shows the chairs that will be full again in the morning when we do morning happy hour.  Tomorrow we will be making a plan for the installation of solar on P & H's motorhome.  We have a few other projects planned as well so stay tuned.


  1. I think I know exactly where you are parked! We usually park about 100 yards just south of Brian along the wash.

  2. Always a project. That's great. Amazing the number of friend you make over the years.

  3. How nice that your friends found you. That sounds like a job well done.


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