Saturday 20 November 2021

A Good Day of Music

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite AZ 

We arrived at Plomosa Rd yesterday afternoon and I thought this was the place I had in mind to spend some time working on solar etc. because it was close to town.  Well I was wrong.  This morning I took the Jeep and headed into Quartzite.  When I turned south on 95 I realized we were still a long way from town.  After driving quite a piece farther south  I realized that it was the High Jolly area that I had really wanted to go to.  Oh well, I guess I goofed but it won't be the end of the world.  Sue apparently texted someone who texted someone and the mutual agreement was to move to South La Posa LTVA.  When I got the word, I hurried back and we pulled up stakes and headed south.  South La Posa is sort of like going home to us.  It is one of the first areas we stayed in when we started this lifestyle.  There can be thousands of RV's out here in January when the RV show is on but right now it is like hundreds.  It does cost 40 bucks for 2 weeks but that comes with dump, water, and garbage so we are ok with that.  We will be fine here.

We were in a bit of a hurry moving because one of the reasons we are here in Q is to take in a concert put on by the town with a tribute band.  They will be doing Beatles, Beachboys, and Eagles.  It is an old folks thing so it is in the afternoon rather than the evening.  I'm guessing there were 500 or more people there.  The first set was the Beatles which was so so.  A couple of the songs were good but some of the others were not that great.  It was all still listenable. The second set was The Beachboys.  Once again there were some good and some not so good.  Still worth staying for. 

While they took a break, a local gentleman played for half an hour.  He was amazing!!  He plays in a local joint called Gringo's so we will go there to hear him again. 

The day was nice and warm and we did see some sun dogs.  I think they are a side effect of the smoke that still lingers in California.  

The town had a bunch of displays around the back of the field and one of them was an RC plane display.  I immediately thought of fellow blogger Bill Richards who writes On Our Way .  Bill has a passion for RC aircraft and if I remember right he has flown here in Q at one time.

Just out of the park were a couple of real jets on pedestals.  I'm not sure what they are but they are getting a little old an rusty.  Perhaps Biden could send a couple quarts of paint over to spiff them up!!

There was a lady at the concert who had a Charlie sort of dog named Fix.  I still have a soft spot for Border Collies and she had this one fairly well trained.  She said she was the #4 herding dog in either Arizona or the USA.  I'm guessing Arizona.  She loved dancing with her.  

Between the second and last set another local singer took the stage and sang lots of mellow stuff.  He was amazing as well!!  He looked quite young but said he had six kids!!  I guess if you got busy you could have 6 kids and still be young!!  The last set was the Eagles as the sun began to drop behind the mountains.  What a great day of music.  Sue thought that the tree by us looked like a heart so I got a shot of the band through it.  You judge.

I got a few shots of our group.  No one asks for any vaccine passports here, in fact I never saw a single mask.  But they did make everyone with a dog sit outside the fence.  P & H had their dog Murphy with them so that is why they were outside. 

By the time we got home it was pitch black dark.  Our neighbours were having a fire over at the lit Cactus.  It is a heck of a size fire!!  You can see a person beside it.  Kind of a go big or go home thing.  Goodnight!


  1. La Posa South is the best place to stay down there. We have stayed in several areas but always gravitate back to South.

  2. Thanks for the shout out, yes I have flown there and will do so again this year. They have a great club and flying field just up the road from where those two jets are. Enjoy your time there and remember to take in Silly Al's.

  3. Like Jim and Barb, it is our favourite spot. Can't beat the price nor the short distance to town.
    If I had a picture of your set up, I'll see if my sister can find you. :) You've talked to her about Mexico on email a few years ago.

    1. I guess I'm late replying to this. It was nice to see her today!!

  4. I'm with Sue that totally looked like a heart!


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