Thursday 11 November 2021

Remembering Them

WHERE ARE WE? Pahrump, Nevada
NEXT DESTINATION? Maybe Telephone Cove

Today is Remembrance Day in Canada and Veterans Day in the USA.  It was originally Armistice Day and was to remember the end of WWI.  The Armistice was signed on the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month ending WWI and at that precise time every year since, we remember.  It now honors all of our veterans who have served protecting our freedoms.  I sometimes fear that we are slowly forgetting that and perhaps we should be more careful not to allow those freedoms to be jeopardized.  Today in the middle of the desert, we took some time to remember those who served to protect us over the years.  Our friend Chuck who is here with us is a Veteran of the Marine Corp and we recognize him today for that.  A lot of our US friends are veterans as well and we recognize them today as well.

Today we were invited to spend some time with Kyra and her friends Evelyn and Jane at golf course near them.  No we were not golfing but rather had an awesome breakfast on the patio overlooking a little lake and the course.

The Golf course is the Mountain Falls Golf course and the grass is the type that you want to roll in.  Breakfast was great and the company was wonderful.  Thanks Kyra for the invite.

Sue loves her new chair but it has a problem.  We were told by the boss lady in the furniture store that it had a battery which it would use to recline it when no power was available.  That sold the chair for us because if you are an RVer you know that the inverter is not always on so 120V power is not always available.  The battery, which lasts for up to 3 months before needing a recharge, allows it to be used whether there is power or not. Well we determined after getting it home that there was no battery.  So we went back to the store and told them, and the owner said, no the chair we bought did not come with a battery and that the sales girls should not have sold it to us as a battery operated chair.  Hmmmmmm Sue says to the owner, it was you that told us it had a battery and gave us all the details about it.  Oh yes she remembered. She said, we normally charge an extra $100 bucks for the battery, but oh well here it is, you can have it.  Good on her so now she gets a 5 star review!!

On the way home we went by Tractor Supply and the Jeep veered into the parking lot!!  They have the angle adaptor that I have wanted for my drill.  There are lots of times when space is an issue for either drilling or screwing so this makes it easy.  I have a project coming up that will need it.  

Sue helped out with making sure that my job list is still active by tripping and saving herself by grabbing the curtains that separate the front of the motorhome from the living room.  They were held up by some plastic hangers so they didn't stand a chance and down they came.  Now I will have to find some clips and replace them so we can hang the rod back up.  Thats a project for tomorrow maybe.

On the way back from town I had to stop at a spot where I had spotted some metal that I need to fix my battery box.  As I was picking up the metal I noticed a pair of shoes that looked almost like a pair I had been looking at when in Walmart.  I picked them up and held them up for Sues approval..NOOOOO I don't think that is gonna work.  

The other thing I spotted nearby was a hole that had been partially filled back in.  It was about 6 ft long and 2 ft wide and gave me the chills.  I sometimes wonder how many people go missing in the desert and are never found.  This little area seemingly is used to dump peoples garbage.  It is sad that people do this but it happens.

You may think my day was different and wonder why the heck we continue on this journey we are on.  Well we had a little reminder of what we are actually escaping when our friends KT and Jeremy sent a picture of their evening walk.  We hope all our Northern friends stay warm and hope that they find time to escape even for a few days from the icy grip of winter.

Good night, sleep tight!!


  1. The shoes didn't look like the right size, I'm sure that's the only reason Sue said no. Amazing what egg on the face will get a person, isn't it? Enjoy the warmth!!!

  2. Nicely put about Remembrance Day Lorne. That is really annoying about the battery in Sue chairs but it is great that you got it resolved.


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