Friday 26 November 2021

A Little Fix Job.

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite, AZ.

This morning Sue and I headed to town to get some things for the fridge vent replacement project.  It's a great day to work on some things.  It's going to be a nice warm 24C which is the temperature we seek out.  Things are starting to get busier here in South La Posa.   Lots of people coming and going and the empty spots along the road are starting to fill in.  

We noticed a "Bird" set up down from us.  I had to take a picture for our friends Ed and Lessie.  Their Bird is named "Roundtuit" and this one is named "Pretty Penny".  Most Blue Bird Wanderlodges have names which are unique and they keep records of all the names.  This one was sporting a pretty nice solar array. 

 We were just coming to the front gate of the LTVA when I spotted a familiar Motorhome.  It was the "Stinger B"!!!  Tom and Deb are blogger friends we have met a few times before but only for short times.  It is interesting that we feel we know them quite well because of reading their blog Celebrating the Dance.  We hope to get to know them a little better while they spend some time here in South La Posa.  For today we will give them time to settle in just down the road from us.

We chatted for a while and then headed into town to RV Lifestyles to get the new fridge vent.  They had what we needed so we were home in jig time.   I crawled up on the roof and got busy taking the old one off and replacing it with a new shiny one!!!  The old one was in pretty rough shape.  The ends were gone and the screen on the top was completely missing.

The cover went back on and the job was done.  I was thinking that this job would have cost somewhere between $200 and $300 in an RV shop and the only cost I incurred was $13.95.  Not a bad saving.

While I was up on the roof, I had a look at the air conditioner cover that is old and broken.  With all of these things being over 20 years old, the plastic is getting brittle and breaking.  Not only that, the air conditioners have seen better days as well so when we checked and they told us a new cover is $175.00, I am thinking I can find a cheaper solution.  Stay tuned!!  I will figure something out.

After the project we had a little happy hour. 

The afternoon happy hour turned into a bonfire complete with hot dogs and schmores!!!

Pat had some magic fire to make the bonfire all pretty colours.  

There is nothing more mesmerizing than a fire.  Add to that the pretty colours and Harold sums up what a fire is all about.  There are many deep thoughts around a bonfire.  Deep thoughts are good for the soul.

 That was our day.  Hope you had a good one too.

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  1. There is something special about a campfire with friends. A beautiful ending to the day. We hope to get to spend time visiting in person with you guys, also. Being blogger friends is great but in person visits are even better.


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