Friday 12 November 2021

More Good Food with Friends

WHERE ARE WE? Pahrump, Nevada 
NEXT DESTINATION? Maybe Telephone Cove

We are at the point where we have to make a plan for our future travels so that we can make sure we have enough time to do all the things we still need to do before departing for Mexico.  At morning happy hour, I listened to the conversation go round and round about where we wanted to go and when, and my head was spinning.  No decisions were being made because we couldn't figure out where we wanted to be on what date so I thought,  hmmmmmm, Pat and Harold have a daughter Julie who is a school teacher and I'm sure her solution to the dilemma would be to do a flow chart on the blackboard.  So I grabbed the big piece of cardboard that the new chair came on, and started making a flow chart on it.  It worked like a dream and soon we had a schedule between now and Dec 14 which is the day we plan to head into Mexico.  Thanks Julie for being our inspiration!!

After getting all of that sorted out Sue and I headed downtown to get some supplies and a haircut.  We both got a trim at the Walmart Hair place.  Two hair cuts $35.00.  

Here are the pictures of our new hair.  

After our haircuts we did a little shopping because we are having a wiener roast and pot luck tonight at our campsite.  I think it will be fun.

Kyra has bought a place here in Pahrump and so we thought time was running out so we better go there today and see it.  She is in an Escapee Park and has a nice site in a quiet area.  We immediately recognized the "Born Free" motorhome when we pulled up.

She has a lovely little place with a nice shady area where she setting up an outdoor sitting area.  

Kyra gave us a tour of the park which included the clubhouse where all the activities take place. Of course I had to check out the bathroom for weird things as I usually do and "Bingo".  There is was on the wall---the sign!!  It seems that seniors take great pride in making signs to make sure everyone does what needs to be done.  I kinda think I was taught bathroom etiquette when I was very young, but maybe for some, they start to forget with age.  Hence the need for precise instructions for toilet flushing!

We stayed to talk for a while and then headed for home.  It doesn't take long for time to drift away.  We are expecting Kyra and her friend Jane to join us for the wiener roast.   While we were gone, Chuck and Harold had gathered a bunch of wood for the fire.  

Just before supper the boys got the fire going and everyone took a bit of time to discuss the day.  Pat and Harold mentioned that they had noticed a balloon out for a morning flight before I arose this morning, and Pat sent me a picture of it. I might have to get up earlier tomorrow in case it flys again.

Kyra and Jane spent the evening with all of us.  We had a lot of laughs and our friend Dave stopped by to say hi.  We love spending time with our friends and we had a great night with all of them.

We realized that in a month or so we will be heading into Mexico where beautiful sunsets over the ocean will be a normal occurrence.  


  1. Are you going back to La Penita? Or trying something different for a change...?

    1. We are going to la penita. We enjoy the friends we made there. We will do side trips from there

  2. It can get frustrating when a group of people get together and cannot come to a consensus but it sounds like you came to the perfect solution!

  3. Boy it's tough for groups to make a decision 😕 if I did that, yuma would be my only audience 😆


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