Tuesday 2 November 2021

Walking the Strip

WHERE ARE WE? Lake Mead, Nevada 

Since we arrived at Lake Mead, one of things we needed to do was to get our fill of walking the strip in Las Vegas.  We have been there close to a dozen times in our lives, but its the sort of thing you just have to do one more time.  Today was the day to do it and Chuck and Angie, who have never been to the strip, were going to join us.  We headed in right after lunch and found some free parking at Treasure Island.  Then it was off to the strip.  

The Venetian is always a good place to start because it is so pretty.  I love the sky.

And a stop by the Flamingo to see if the flamingo's are still there.  This hotel has a lot of history with us and we have stayed here quite a few times.  Rowdy and Missy just mentioned last week how we hid $20 under a rock there so they could buy a drink on us when they came to Vegas 2 weeks later.  

And on our way through the Casino Sue had to play the slots and of course won!!!  Maybe its enough to pay for our winter travels??

On closer examination, maybe we won't be travelling as far as we thought!!!

It always makes me feel a little sad there there is so much money and festivities in Las Vegas but yet its pretty close to the end of the line for a lot of people.  They are so close to the prosperity, but yet so far!!!

The strip is changing every time we come here and one of the things there was lots of was virtual rides.  I wanted to do the flyover Las Vegas, but had to settle for a rollercoaster ride and a trip in outer space.  Both were good but the graphics were a little disappointing.  The kids running the rides had fun running around spraying air on your feet and trying to make some special effects.

On down the strip we went and there was the Paris!!  We have been up in the tower a couple times so we passed this time.

Angie met the group from Paw Patrol and got her picture with them.  There are not many street performers around right now because Covid has reduced the crowds on the streets dramatically.  They do have a mask law here indoors and I would say 75% are wearing masks.  I kinda wore one around my neck most of the day.

Right next to Denny's was the Flyover virtual reality ride.  Where are the prices you say?  Right up there says Angie!!  $34 gets you on it.  Maybe next time.

We always like to pause at the Denny's cause the first time Sue and I came to Vegas alone, we got in on a really late flight like 2 am and we were starved.  We found this place not far from the MGM where we were staying and had breakfast so we always remember this place.  Ok Ok it means nothing to you but for us it is a memory!!!  LOL

Then on to the M&M store just because.  There are 4 floors of M&M stuff and its all the same but you just have to go there.  I am always looking at marketing schemes of businesses, and this store has their restrooms on the 4th floor so you have to tour the whole store to get there.  I'm sure that is the reason it is there.  And no bathroom pictures!!  Sorry!!

I have to add this picture just because I like to question things.  Why in the name of all that is good and decent, would you name your this.  Apparently this is a famous restaurant with outlets in NYC, Las Vegas, Toronto and lots of places.  Didn't Dave's (David Chang, the owner) mother say, "you know Dave, maybe another name would be better?"  Its all about marketing again and this name certainly catches your eye whether you like it or not.

Across the street we went for a little bit of NYC.  Of course what better ambassador for NYC than the Statue of Liberty.  We had a bite of supper at a fish joint in there.  It was quite good.

And of course, what evening in Las Vegas would be complete without a water show at the Bellagio?  

By the end of the day, all four of us were weary travelers and need to go home and take a day off.  A bit of a jump in activity for me, from the last week!!

Another day with good friends.  Days spent with friends are never wasted.  Hope you got to spend some time with your friends.


  1. It was so much fun. Thanks for being our tour guides.

  2. Have not walked the strip yet, but is on the list. Have you ever gone down to Fremont street, we like it and the next time we what to do the zip line.


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