Tuesday, 30 November 2021

Some Projects and Tacos

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA, Quartzite, AZ 

Happy hour happened again this morning with everyone in attendance.  I got busy getting the leveler springs installed.  I needed some help lining things up so there was no better time than at happy hour!!  Some projects just cry for an audience!

If you remember all the screws that I put in the spring to stretch it, well, they all fell out when the stabilizer was hooked up and lowered just as planned.   It is sweet when a plan comes together.

I don't think I did a report on the modification to our fresh water tank.  Every time we fill our tank, I have to hook the hose to the fresh water fill connection which restricts the water down to about 3/8 of an inch pipe fitting which slows the water down significantly.  With the addition of this fill opening in the top of the tank, I can stick the hose directly in and water goes in about twice as fast.  It also negates the time wasted connecting the hose to the fitting which can be awkward at best.  When you have other RV's waiting to fill and they are breathing down your neck, time is an important factor in water filling.

That was it for projects today, so we headed into Q to check out some of the vendors with George and Henny.  I bought two 7/16 wrenches and an LED light.  I'm not sure why but all of my 7/16 wrenches have disappeared.  Another thing I saw was a bicycle seat that answers a question we talked about around a bonfire the other night.  In this camping area there is a nude area and sometimes they ride their bikes outside of the area and we get to see them.  The question came up as to what kind of bike seat the gentlemen need to make sure their ride is not a painful experience. Well, I think this is the answer!!!  I know, I know, TMI!!!

And George and I had to stop by the ice cream machine.  It is run by an old "hit and miss" engine.  These are antique engines that used to be used way back when.  They only fire when they have to, thus the name.  No, we didn't buy any information. 

After all our shopping, we headed to Gringo's to have some taco's and listen to the music. Alaska Dan was there again tonight and he was entertaining as usual.   They had $2 taco's tonight so I had 3.  They were wonderful.  Sue had a regular fish taco which was awesome as well.

 Another great day and we ended it with another bonfire.  Lots of good chatter and stories.  Tomorrow is another day and we look forward to what it has to offer.  Hope your day was good too!!


  1. I think that seat will do the trick, but please no demonstration when I'm around! LOL

  2. Nice to get a project taken care of. Glad we didn't lose that spring on our Jeep ride!!
    We're sorry to have missed Alaska Dan but the food was good and hopefully he'll be there in January.
    Don't be shy with my sister, if you enjoy their company, they are there until Christmas at least. :)

    1. Yes, we will invite them when we have a fire. They are great people!!


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