Tuesday 9 November 2021


WHERE ARE WE? Pahrump, Nevada 
NEXT DESTINATION? Maybe Telephone Cove

It was a little cooler this morning (11C) so I was rooting through my closet looking for some long pants when I came across this little thingy that the kids bought me a long time ago.  It is a fake fire with a couple marshmallows that turn in the wind and catch your eye.  Well it was in a package still and required a little put it together magic.  So I did, and everyone thought it was pretty cool.  So now we have a bonfire in the middle of our circle.

So that got the project bug going around camp.  Chuck decided today was the day to fasten down his solar panels so he got to work doing that.  This was the finished product.  

I got some new sewer vents from Amazon the other day so I set to work changing them out.  The old ones were all aged out and broken so it was time.

The new ones look pretty sweet up there all pointed into the wind.  If you look at the busted fridge vent next to them you will tell what my next project should be.

While I was up on Chucks roof I took some pictures of Harold's rig because they are considering doing solar, so I was looking at the area he had for panels.  I think he will be good with 3 panels which is what he had determined.

And of course a picture of the girls chatting in front of the the Ponderosa.  Pat, Kyra, Angie, and Sue.

Well once the projects wound down, Sue and I decided to go to town to look at a chair for her for the Ponderosa.  She likes to have a cuddle chair that rocks, swivels, and reclines!!  Pretty tall order I think.  Well look at that, there was one in the first store we went to.  It is battery operated and only needs charging every 3 months or so by plugging it into the wall.  It was super comfy and did all the things listed above.  The only drawback was the price.  The girl we were dealing with was open to working on the price and we got her down a couple hundred dollars.  But then they had 2 colours of leather and 4 colours of cloth so we went home without it to decide if it will work for us or not and to figure out what colour might work.  We don't have a lot of things in the MH so having a nice chair to sit in is important. So here are some pictures of them.  What do you think???

We stopped by the grocery store and bought a couple of nice steaks for supper for under 5 bucks.   They were actually very tasty even if I was too lazy to BBQ them.   Amazing what butter can do!!

The view out our window tonight

And the view out our front window after sunset.  We have an awesome view of the city below us.  I hope that life is full of awesome views for you!


  1. How will you get it in the rig? Take out a window??


  2. I like the middle one and Sue looks comfy in all of them though. The back comes off our recliners and the foot also comes off for ease to entry. Love the views.

  3. I wondered the same thing as Kevin but I'm sure it will fit somehow. We both like the green to brighten up spaces (in our rig) but would probably go with the brown, the middle one.
    The solar panels don't tilt, do they? Maybe something he'll choose to do down the road. I love the views from the rooftops although I never go up there!

  4. We have had tilting panels before and seldom use them so no, he wont get tilts.


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