Sunday 14 November 2021

Moving back to Las Vegas

WHERE ARE WE? Government Wash, Nevada 
NEXT DESTINATION? Around Searchlight, Nevada

Today was moving day.  We have enjoyed our time in Pahrump but the road is calling.  We have a short trip today so nobody was in a hurry.  We have enjoyed our little circle and had some good bonfires, a great meal, and some good times with friends.

Angie got a picture of us all leaving in a convoy.  Convoys are tough to keep because things like hills and red lights tend to separate everyone.  I know it is better when we travel in Mexico because we all use hand held radios and if someone gets slowed down, they immediately let everyone one know.  The saving factor is that everyone knows where we are going and how to get there, so in the end we would all be together at the end of the trip.

Our trip was kinda short but with a late start and fuel and dump and water it was 3 or so before we got to Government Wash. 

We are all parked up in the parking lot just outside the gate to the wash because we don't want to unhook and have to hook back up in the morning when we move on.

The girls went to town to shop and us guys did some little projects to keep busy.  Harold and Murphy and I went for a walk about a mile down the road and back before supper.

When we got back the sun was setting so here are the pictures I got.   Hope your day went well.


  1. Safe travels, even though we often enjoy our stay in one place, the road tends to call eventually. :)

  2. Enjoy your stay and do a little gambling too.🤑


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