Sunday 26 November 2023

A Cool Do Nothing Day

WHERE ARE WE? Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite AZ

Well after a busy day yesterday, we just wanted to veg today, so that's what we did.  Sue had a sleep in and I got up normal time but had a nice nap later in the afternoon.  Deb K and I went to town to get some propane in the morning and then I did some stuff on the computer in the early afternoon before my nap, and soon it was time for Happy Hour.  I wasn't there for the first part of it and when I arrived, I was told that they had a meeting and took a vote and we are now leaving on Tuesday instead of Monday.  Apparently, they had a quorum and my presence at the meeting was not required for voting.  So I guess we will stay another day.  We will be in good company. 

Although we are in no real hurry, the last few nights have been quite chilly and some of the afternoons less than desirable with some wind going on.  I have been watching the weather and it will be ok for the next few days, in a week or so it takes quite a dip.  Our next destination after quick stops in Goodyear/Phoenix and then a couple days in Tucson, will be San Carlos Mexico.  The weather there looks much better so we will keep moving towards there.  We will be meeting Sandra and Michael there and boondocking on the beach.

Guaymas is next door to San Carlos

I sort of cheated on the window shot tonight.  This is Tom and Debs window and I combined it with a nice red sunset.  Good Nite!!


  1. Weather here has improved immensely. Cooler in the evenings and humidity has diminished. Thank goodness

  2. Sorry you missed the vote. Lol. Glad you are staying another day.


  3. Did you actually say the weather takes a dip!?!? It’s in the negative here lol. Although unusually mild for this time of year! We’ll be at just -4 on December 1st! Love seeing all your travelling friends and hope to meet them all one day!!! Love you guys!!! Xoxo

  4. We're glad you're staying another day, you promised us a visit!!

  5. You better start attending those meetings or you just might never be leaving.


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