Wednesday 29 November 2023

A Good Day with Gord and Mavis

WHERE ARE WE? E. Cottonwood Canyon Rd. Florence, AZ

Today was a day of visiting with Gord and Mavis.  It was good to spend time with them remembering days gone past.  Our history goes back to the 70's so we can say we are old friends.  It was a nice warm day and we started with coffee and then moved on to setting up our new e bike.  I sent Sue on the test drive (in case anything was wrong)!!  We installed the cell phone carrier and the bike lock and new seat with shock absorber.  We are quite pleased with how well it works.  It will be good for taking Archie for a run every once in a while.  We rode it off and on all afternoon right up to sundown.

Sundown did sneak up on us very quickly.  As it sank in the west, we all experimented with our phones trying to outdo each other with our picture taking skills.  I took some time for some friends and sunsets.

We all sat outside and had our supper and then a fire.  We chatted around the fire for quite a while before calling it a day.

Like I said we all took sunset pictures and I did as well.  The colours were vivid tonight.

The view out my window today was of the setup Gord did to make sure we had lighting for our supper.  Thanks!!  Good Nite!


  1. Beautiful sunset picture. Nice one of you and Sue with your friends and
    That must have been one loud crash when the microwave fell. Nice looking bike. Continued safe travels.

  2. I'm sure the visit was wonderful with your friends and now you've made new memories. Gorgeous sunset!
    Safe travels today, enjoy that bike!

  3. The friends you meet are new friends or new ones each time ?

    We do are on our way to Natchez Trace Park, where we will be on Friday


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