Tuesday 28 November 2023

We Needed a New Microwave

WHERE ARE WE? E. Cottonwood Canyon Road, Florence AZ

We were up early for us and finished packing up Percy ready to move on.  We made a coffee after hooking up and sat around for our last morning coffee hour with these friends.  Ken had already headed to town to do laundry but we did say goodbye as he headed out.  We have had some fun with this group and now it is time to move on.  We have plans in Phoenix today and then hope to meet up with more friends east of Apache Junction.  See you all down the road!!

We headed east on I-10 and hammered along for a couple of hours.  They have some pretty bad roads in Arizona and this is one of them in places.  Another thing along this road is pieces of rubber from semi tires covering the shoulder and ditch of the road for 2 solid hours.  I bet there are the ruminants of thousands of tires between Quartzsite and Phoenix.  Sure makes it look messy along the road.

All the black things are pieces of rubber.  It went on for over 100 miles.

It wasn't long and we arrived in Phoenix.  What a busy city!!!  And it is huge!!

We had to go way up to the North side on 101 to find the place we had come to visit.  After a couple wrong turns, there it was.  lectric e bikes.  

We found a place to park and went in.  This is the company headquarters and this is where the online order and customer service happens. They also have a showroom and you can test drive any of the bikes they manufacture.  We got to ride a couple for a while through the nice quiet neighborhood which surrounds the facility and finally picked the bike that I have researched as being the one that will best suit our needs.  Yes we only got on because we are not avid bikers, but will rather use it for getting from point A to point B most of the time independently.  If we decide we need another bike so we can ride together then will will pick one up.  We got a really good deal today because they extended their Black Friday Sale to today.  I will report more tomorrow when we get our set up and going.

That be the new e bike.

So we headed out to find our friends in the desert.  We hadn't gone 10 miles and there was an awful crash in the MH and we looked back and the microwave was on the floor smashed to smithereens!!!  Remember the cupboard painting?  Well we had taken the mount screws out to remove the microwave so we could paint around it easier.  Well when I slid the microwave back in, we left it out a bit to let the paint dry.   Well the screws are still sitting on the counter and the microwave just slid out when we made a corner.  Oh well, Walmart makes microwaves every day.  Probably time for a new one anyway!!  It did scare the heck out of Archie cause it landed right in front of the chair he was curled up on. 

A quick stop for groceries and we headed out on 60 towards Globe and then turned south of 79 for about 8 miles to E. Cottonwood Canyon Road and then about a mile east to a quiet spot in the desert.  There we met up with Gord and Mavis.  They have been here for a day or so and we want to spend a little time with them.  

We had bought a pizza for supper so we took it over to their MH and ate and visited and watched a hockey game.  Its always fun to visit with them because we go back a long ways.  We will spend the day with them tomorrow before moving on to Tucson.

This was our route today.  

I think Archie was glad to be moving again and he settled in to watch a sunset from the dash.  He had a good day and we hope you did too.  Good Nite!


  1. Interesting, do you expect to use your bike in La Penita ?

    1. Yes we will use it in La Penita and we will use it lots back home in the summer.

  2. My husband and I have Lectric bikes and they are zippy so for safety we wear helmets . Have fun with it and be safe.

  3. Congrats on the new bike and the surprise microwave. Poor Archie!


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