Sunday 19 November 2023

A Great Day in the Southwest

WHERE ARE WE? Road Runner BLM, Quartzsite AZ

I happened to open an eye just as the sun was about to peep over the mountains.  I managed to maneuver my phone to a point where I could take a a couple pictures of the sun exploding in the east.  Within 2 minutes I was fast asleep again.

When I did finally roll out of bed and have a coffee, it was time to take Archie for a little walk.  There are many interesting things here in the desert and you have to look very carefully to see them.

Some sort of rodent.  Its not an ant hill I don't think

I wonder how old this guy is and why he is dying

The inside of a cactus is like woody spines.  They are really tough.

Old friends I guess

Archie gives most cactus a wide berth

The dead cactus protects itself right to the end.  These prickly things blow with the wind and if you step on it.....ouch

We had a little rain the other night and everything is very green.

Lots of wire pulling today.  Deb came and helped me this afternoon and we finally got them threaded from one side of the motorhome to the other.  Next step is hooking Thanks for helping Deb!!

We had a nice happy hour for a couple of hours again tonight.

I had to check out a water leak that we found after supper.  It is not in the slide so that is good.  Have no idea where it is coming from but it is only once in a while.  Its the life of an RVer juggling whatever happens next.  I will do updates later.  

Sue got another awesome sunset shot tonight.

And I have a view out our window!!!  Good Nite!!



  1. I do not know how old the "old guy" is but I do know he has been standing out there hanging on looking out over the desert for several years. I was glad to see him still standing when we arrived this year. We have been having some wonderfully Happy, Happy Hours.

  2. In the cruising world they often do boat work and call it boat yoga, seems you are moving that activity to the RVing domain.

  3. It is amazing what we see while strolling through the desert.
    I was happy to help, you are an excellent teacher.
    Happy hours are very entertaining!


  4. That actually looks just like the army ant holes I had at my house. They haul all the big pieces of rock out and park it around the top making that cone, some of which are HUGE. The brown stuff is the pieces of plants they gather up and drop in the hole. Eventually, all that will disappear inside to feed the troops. Rarely do you see them at night, they come out when it's warm to gather more food. Hope the rest of your wiring goes easy. Nicer to have neighbors help.

  5. I have a similar picture of Bill lying on the patio mat.......he was taking a picture of his Piper Cub. I thought better about posting it but now wish I had! They are so similar!
    Nice job and good to have help with the wiring. The cacti can be sad when we think of how old and how long they've been guarding the desert floors.

  6. Had to stop in because I know what you mean about an RV always needing attention somewhere. Our electrical system started degrading about a month ago. We were losing peak power. At first, this meant I couldn’t run the coffee maker (close to 2000 watts) then the water heater (1700 watts). But it tipped over last night at 900 watts and I feared the fridge would stop running. I got in there today (it takes a bit of work since it’s under the bed) and started testing with my volt meter. I found a voltage drop and started taking a section apart to check the connections. Sure enough, the red wires on one side of a circuit breaker were completely loose. They were still on the stud (because of tension) but the bolt was gone! It somehow came loose and eventually fell off. At least it was an obvious and simple fix. Fortunately I had a spare bolt in the right size. Who knows where the original one is… probably rattling around under the floor somewhere.


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