Thursday 30 November 2023

A Shave and a Haircut!!!

WHERE ARE WE? Snyder Hill BLM, Tucson, AZ

Today is moving day again for all of us.  The forecast is for a bit of rain and Gord and Mavis don't want to be stuck in the mud in this fine sand so they are heading to Mesa for a few days before putting their MH in storage and heading home for Christmas.  We are turning east and then south to Tucson for a day and then into Mexico.  

Before we left this morning Mavis gave me a haircut.  The last haircut she gave me was probably 35 years ago.  She hasn't lost her touch.  Thanks for trimming me up!!

Gord told me that as we age our brains slip to our tummies.  I must have been a smart man!!!

So we all headed out.  At the corner they turned north and we turned south.  It was about a 2 hour drive to Tucson and we found fuel for $2.75 a gallon so we filled up Percy and the Jeep.

We took #79 over to #77 which turned out to be a nice relaxing drive.  It is mostly 2 lane and then turns into 4 lane closer to Tucson.  For some reason even the highway around Tucson wasn't really that busy.

We got all parked up at Snyder Hill where we will spend the night.  We have stayed here often and were pleased to see that they had cleaned it up and there were lots of nice RV's here instead of the run down ones that have been living here the last few years.  We had some supper and sat down to relax.

It was dark by the time I got the picture out our window tonight.  The lights of a little town are on the horizon.  We have a few things to pick up in Tucson tomorrow and then we will head down closer to Nogales to be ready to cross the border early in the morning.  Good Nite! 


  1. Nice to hear you are making headway and will soon be in warmer weather. I know you will have some special 'family ' waiting for you!

  2. Running for the border should be your tag line. Travel safe

  3. A friend that gives awesome haircuts? That friend is definitely a keeper.


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