Wednesday 29 May 2024

A Good Day for the Heart

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Last night in the middle of the night there was a big ruckus outside and the Ravens who have a nest right up from our site started squawking like crazy.  I figured maybe it was a bear and I wasn't about to investigate so I went back to bed.  This morning we awoke to a young raven up in the tree and the parents warding off the crows who were going after it.  What a noise!!  I hate ravens.

I had an appointment for a check up with the cardiologist.  He told me to exercise more and keep up the good spirit.  No med changes so that is a good thing.

We made a little stop at Walmart for some things on the way home.  I was surprised to see probably a half dozen people wearing masks.  Supposedly the spring cold is going around and someone mentioned the C word again.  Please tell me that people are not na├»ve enough to let the mask take over again!! Go ahead and wear one if you want, but please, please, don't demand that I do!!!  And don't take my ability to earn a living and travel away.  Ok I'm done!!!

When we got home it was time for Cody to come and help me out.  There are a lot of jobs that I used to do, that I no longer have the energy to do. I spent some time trimming trees this week and today I got Cody to load them all in the truck and we took them to the tree pile.  Good job Cody!!

While we were doing the trees, we looked across the lake and saw a lot of smoke.  At the same time we heard the sirens of the fire truck.  It is a windy day and it looks like someone's grass fire got away. They seemed to get it under control fairly quick.  

I am trying to show you some of the processes we use in our business in different posts. I don't want to bore you showing everything at once.  For a long time we just put fries in the fryer and then served them.  We learned as we progressed along that because our fries are home cut, they need to be blanched, so we put them in the fryer for 3 minutes and then let them rest.  We try to do them the day before and keep them in the fridge over night.  It makes for a crispier fry.  We take pride in the fact that our fries are some of the best around and we have actually won awards for them.  Emily is showing the progress.

Well look what I bought today in Brandon!!  Yup, its a cherry pie.  Cardiologist didn't say anything about not eating pie!! 

At least I cut it in small pieces. That took a lot of stamina.  

And its not possible to eat cherry pie without going ala mode!  And I happen to know where to find ice cream!   A little zap with the microwave and a dob of French Vanilla and Mmmmmm.

And if anybody thought I didn't enjoy it, here is proof to the contrary!  LOL

Archie and I made a final wood sales run for the day.  He loves to come with me and often wants out to run ahead.  He is a good pal.

I love this time of year so much and here I sit after another day has passed looking out over the greenery!  Soon we will be seeing the flowers which will just add to the eye candy.  Speaking of eyes, time to shut them!!! Good Nite!


  1. Archie looks happy to be hanging out with you in the truck !

  2. You do need to take it easy, but glad things are stable with no med changes.
    Archie is indeed happy to help Daddy. Love his ears!


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