Thursday 16 May 2024

The First Real Day of a Long Summer

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Today we are back to being open again.  We took the week off because there are very few campers around, and traditionally it is still cool this time of year.  That was the case again this year, actually this long weekend is not shaping up to be anything special for weather.  

This morning I got busy and finished installing the old sink in the new counter top.  I am not a finishing carpenter so I considered myself really lucky when the sink actually fit in the hole I cut!!!  

The girls were happy to have the sink because they had a lot of pots and pans to wash today.  

Yesterday we filled up the ice cream freezers and we have a good selection of flavours.  What one is your favourite??

We had a visit from some old friends from across the lake.  About 15 years ago we had a seasonal camp site across the lake and Mike and Bonnie were part of a large group of good friends we had over there.  Today they came and brought a wood thingy!!  Apparently they both like to do projects with wood and paint in the winter so they brought us one.

They made us an ice cream board!!  What a thoughtful thing to do.  We will find a place to display it with pride!!  Thanks so much for your kindness guys.  That is a true replica of our double scoop!!!  We love it!!

Sheri came and spent some time with us this afternoon.  She likes to help old dad doing my wood runs.  We bought her a nice new recliner chair and she spent a few minutes relaxing in it.  I think Lilly likes it too!!

So that is the end of the first day of our season really.  Last weekend was just a trial run, but today marks the start of us being open every single day until mid September.  We love what we do, but it is a long haul for the old folks, but we will make it.  We look forward to meeting up with a bunch of old friends.  Now a little Survivor and off to bed.  Good Nite!!!


  1. Cookie Dough is my favourite from that list.
    I loved the sign from your friends, very nice!
    Keep having fun! Have a great summer.


  2. Black Cherry would be my personal favourite.
    Hopefully keeping busy will help keep you healthy.
    Nice sign from your friends.
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.


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