Sunday 26 May 2024

We Had a Quick Rush Today at the Shack

WHERE ARE WE? Rivers Provincial Park, Rivers Manitoba

Today was a nice sunny day so the first thing I did was head up to the wood yard and get the tarp off and let the sun shine on the wood to dry it out.  I will let the sun shine on it as much as possible to get it as dry as we can get it.  Campers like nice dry wood that burns well even if it burns fast. We have actually used quite a bit of wood already this year.  

All afternoon was quiet at the shack.  There were a few customers and a few playing golf.  

Lots of our time is spent doing prep work to be ready for the rush.  Today was no different.

Today Sue was playing with pizza.  She has always wanted pizza on the menu, so she is playing with a recipe.  I didn't get a picture of it but this is the pizza oven.

Then about 5:30 the place went crazy.  I guess everyone decided they wanted burgers and ice cream.  I even spent time in the shack making extra burgers cause we almost ran out.  The rush lasted about 2 hours and then it was over.  We are not used to that yet, so it was quite hectic in the kitchen.  Good thing Sheri showed up to help us out. 

This old boy was about wore out after that so I got the fire going and we sat around and talked for a while.

I had to go up top to tarp the wood pile and caught a bit of sunset.  Good Nite!

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  1. Get ready, that rush is only the beginning. You can do it, old boy. 🤗


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