Thursday, 25 November 2021

Thanksgiving Day

WHERE ARE WE? South La Posa LTVA Quartzite AZ

Another of those days with not much on the list to accomplish.  It is Thanksgiving here in the USA and we wish all our American friends a Happy Thanksgiving.  We had agreed to do morning Happy Hour with Bill and Patsy and John and Gayle so about 10 we grabbed our coffee and a couple of chairs and headed over to their camp.  We had a great morning chatting and playing with their dog Gibbs.  I forgot to take a picture just because thats what I am good at.....forgetting!!

P & H and Chuck and Angie headed out to do an early Thanksgiving dinner in Quartzite.  Sue and I decided that we would pass and instead we will be doing a chicken dinner with Evie, who is still here with us.  We got to babysit Murphy while they were gone and he was fun to play with.  While I was waiting for supper time to roll around, I decided to go for a tank of water in the Jeep.  We are getting a little low in the fresh water tank.  Because I was just putting in time, I went for a long drive around to see what kind of RV's there are out here in the desert.  It seems like out here there are some pretty ingenious RVers with all kinds of ways to camp or live.  They start with the small basic existence, to the great big "I got lots of money" units.

And of course, the traditional schoolie!  Most schoolie people have some sort of artistic ability, but this one was obviously done with only some cheap paint and a brush.  

This one actually has some colour to it.  Not a super design but colourful none the less.

And some like to fix up the tool van.  It works if you need a shop as well as living quarters.  Our friend Brian Boone has a converted horse trailer which is a nice living quarters with a shop in the back.  He is the solar guy and uses it in his solar installs.

This guy has need for an auto body shop.  I wonder what he hit to do this damage.  

And then the ones that need a highway tractor to pull their 5er.  Lots of cash tied up here.

Of course a few people are starting to get in the Christmas spirit.  That reminds me, Sue asked me to get out our Christmas stuff the other day.  Now I have a project for tomorrow!!

Enough with driving around the desert, time to get back to work hauling water.  The water station wasn't very busy today so it only took a minute to fill up.

By the time I got the water unloaded I could start to smell the chicken cooking.  Supper will be about 4:30 Sue said.  Evie came over and brought some delicious stuffing to go with the chicken and potatoes.  Awesome supper and my tummy is full.  

We finished supper off with a fine strawberry rhubarb pie.  BURP!!

I finish off tonight with a little riddle.  Can you figure it out!!!  


  1. Lorne , I like your water tank for hauling water , does it take much space up when not being used ?

    1. It fits in a box 1 ft x 18" x 8" so not much room at all. It weighs about 10 pounds.

  2. Those water bladders are super handy, wish we would have had one when we had our 5th wheel.

  3. Answer to apple a day keeps the doctor away...ha ha ha ha

  4. It was great to see you guys this morning!
    I am amazed at what people are living in and making it work just fine!
    We love our water bladder and to answer blink2u4i, it folds into a 12" x 12" x 4" box.
    Love the riddle too!


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