Sunday 30 December 2018

A Sack of Oranges

Woke up to 100% humidity and 20C.  It was like being the jam in a peanut butter and jam sandwich.  Just sticky.  But that is Florida and we haven't really had great amounts of humidity to worry about.  They tell us that December and January are lower humidity months here so we shouldn't complain too much.

This morning Jerry and I went for a little drive down the road and there were some guys picking oranges by the side of the road.  I stopped and talked to Willy, the Forman and he told me that these guys get paid 10 bucks an hour or 5 bucks a tote full of oranges.  Good pickers can do over 3 totes an hour while new guys struggle to get 2 filled.

It was neat to watch them fill up the sacks they had around their necks in about 3 minutes.  I figured each sack would hold about 150 to 200 oranges.  So about 100 pounds when they are full.  These are sweet navel oranges and are bursting with Vitamin C.  
The rest of our day was spent visiting and sitting in the shade.  Temperatures are constant around 28 to 30C so we do have to find shade in the afternoons.

Here was our view out the window today.

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