Thursday 27 December 2018

Quiet day at Home

Today was one of those quiet days that you have to have once in a while.  When I went outside this morning it was clear that Christmas was over.  Old Santa was fully deflated.  I guess he was plum tuckered from all of the work he had to do on Christmas Eve.  You can't really blame him.  Was he good to you?  Hope so.

Sue spent most of the day putting away all the Christmas stuff and our home looks bare again.  It is a lot of work doing all the decorations, but it is nice to sit with all the lights and Christmas tree.  And it is so empty looking with it all gone.

On do nothing days there is lots of time to play on Facebook and I had to laugh at this picture I found there today.  I wish I had thought of some of these ideas.  My grandkids kinda expect this cheesy humour from me.

One of my few chores today was to do the dishes.  Just had to take a picture to prove that I did them.  Oops looks like I forgot to wash the stove.  Oh well maybe next time.

Our neighbour Laurence is trying to figure out what she is going to put on for solar panels.  Brian stopped by to help her with her decision.  She is sure not scared to climb up on the roof to check it out.  She has determined that there is room for 15 panels up there if she wants them.  We told her to mount a couple 30 amp service boxes on the side of her rig and we could all plug in.

Later in the afternoon Sue and I took a walk down the road to see if Leroy the Alligator was around.  I guess it was too windy for him today because he was no where to be found.  He likes to swim in this pond I guess.  He is just down the road from us along the highway and I have not seen him yet.

On the way back I got a picture of where we are hanging out.  Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area in Florida.  Great place to be.

Just before supper I heard a lot of hooting and hollering going on at Brian and Ellen's place so I grabbed a chair and headed over there.  They were playing Jenga with big blocks and having a lot of fun doing it.  Janice, Deb, Laura and Brian were playing so I joined in as well.  Its a great game especially in the wind.

The other day I had the drone up for a flight and took some pictures of our campsite.  I was trying to get some shots of all of the rigs with solar panels.   There are a lot of us with solar.

This is where we were parked for the first 2 weeks.  We have moved so I guess I will have to get the drone up again to see our new spot.

And a little closer to see our front yard.

We are still enjoying it here with all of our new and old friends.  It is warm and quiet.  What more could we ask for.  Here is the view out our window tonight without the Christmas tree. Sniff sniff!!


  1. Glad you had an Enjoyable Christmas with Friends.
    Maybe we'll head back to Florida net winter being that it's a lot warmer there.
    If you are in the area around the middle of January you could attend the Tampa RV Show. The largest we have ever attended.
    Be Safe!

    It's about time.

  2. Quiet days at home are always the best type of day. Just enjoying the day as it unfolds doesn't get a whole lot better. Looks like a nice spot.

  3. I think that was an excellent day. I like those days.
    Good job on the dishes but you need to work on the whole clean up more. I'm sure Lorne's wife would appreciate that very much. Haha.
    I enjoyed the drone pictures. Very nice.

  4. The drone pictures are great and what a great place to camp. It is always nice taking all the decorations down but I always miss them.

  5. Love the Drone pics! You'll have to do some of them when you come visit!


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