Tuesday 4 December 2018

Pensacola tour

We decided to stay an extra day at the boat ramp boondocking spot at near Blackwater River State Park.  We wanted to go down to Pensacola and be beach bums for a day.  Of course we picked the coolest day of the week to go.   So off we went.

I took a picture this morning of the narrow road we drove in on for about a mile to get to our spot.  It is 10 feet wide and our Motorhome is 8 ft. 6 inches wide.  lol.  I had to pay attention to stay between the lines with the Ponderosa.

Not far down the road is a field of Cotton that has not been harvested yet.  Being farm kids, we all wanted to get out and check it out.  Harold was quite intrigued by it.

Sue was quick to get back in the car because she had her first experience with fire ants.  About 6 of them bit her and it wasn't long before the itching began.  I didn't think it would be right to take a picture at her expense.

On the way down we went by this Blue Angels Jet on a post. Pensacola is home to the Blue Angels.

By the time we got to the beach the sun was out and it was quite warm so we all went for a walk.  It is so nice to get our feet in the Gulf water which is really quite warm here still.  I could have easily swam in it if I wanted but the cool air kept me from it.  Harold's wife and Sue got their feet wet.

And Harold said there was no way he was taking his jacket and long pants off to go swimming!!

We managed to disturb a sand crab by digging him out of his burrow in the sand.  He wasn't very happy with us for disturbing him during his afternoon nap.

After encounter with the crab at the beach, we had a hankering for seafood, so we headed to a nice seafood restaurant called the Shrimp Basket for supper. 

We were the only ones in there at senior supper time which is 4:30 lol.  We had the traditional supper photo taken.

The place was lit up really nice for the season.

Here was the view out our front window early today:


  1. The Navy Base has a great museum in Pensacola. Free admission, bring your passport as ID.

  2. Sue,today is the first day that my fire ant bite on my finger hasn't itched. So is Pat forever to be known as "Harold's wife"? LOL

  3. Hi Ang, my bites are still sore...but better !
    Nasty little critters ��


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