Sunday 2 December 2018

The Church in the Wildwood

Today was Sunday so Angie suggested we find a church to go to this morning.  A few of us want to find a good ole Southern Baptist, bible thumping, arm waving, gospel singing hallelujah Church.  By the time church time rolled around it was just Harold's wife, and Angie and I that decided to go.  I said it might look like me and my sister wives lol!!!  I joked that we should tell everyone that we were from the Church of Latter Day Saints!!  Anyways, off we went.  Just down the road we came upon the prettiest little church in the wildwoods.  Success Baptist Church!  The little brown (white) church in the dell was out in the middle of no where and we decided to drop in.

We headed inside and received a warm welcome from all the regulars and the Pastor and his wife.  Pastor Joe Holder was the type of minister that I enjoy.  He is not a Hell fire and brimstone minister, but he certainly does not give you time to snooze. Pastor Holder has a passion for presenting the message of Christ to as many as he can and gets very excited doing just that in his sermon.  He presented us with a very moving message and challenged us to be a witness to others by our actions which should be a resemblance of what Christ taught us long ago.   I can tell he has a compassion for his fellow man who may not be right with god and he does all he can to make sure everyone has the opportunity to be saved and ready to meet their maker.  We loved our experience with this congregation this morning.   We hope to visit more churches as we travel along this winter and experience the warm southern hospitality they offer.

When we got home, everyone else had migrated over under Chuck and Angies awning.  Today the sun felt really hot for a change and some felt the need for shade.

Tonight we had a potluck planned with an outdoor movie afterwards.  Sue and I got the screen and projector all set up and Santa watched over the proceedings.  Gail and Cindy back home at the park had found  an old projector screen like the ones we used in school at the dump one day and gave it to us for our outdoor movies.  I think it will work really well.

Everyone cooked their own meat and then brought a dish to pass as some say or we learned a new name for it today at church. "a throw down!"  I think that is a neat name for it and we will have to try to use it more often.  Ed was in charge of the supper fire while everyone sat around and ate.  We had lots of yummy food.

Soon it got dark enough that the movie would work.  It kind of reminded me of the drive in movie theaters we used to go to when we were younger.

We all gathered around in our lawn chairs and spent a couple hours watching an old classic.  

How many people can guess the name of the movie based on the picture below.  It is a crazy one for sure and we had lots of laughs.

Twice a year since I have had my ICD (Implanted Cardiac Defibrillator),  I have to have St Boniface Hospital Heart Clinic check it out.  They check to make sure my heart has behaved itself and that there have been no activations of the Defibrillator.  The device also monitors all of my heart functions so they get a full report of my heart.  In June every year I drive to Winnipeg to the clinic to have it checked.  They do weird stuff like speeding up and slowing down my heart with it and checking the battery life left.  Mine will need changing in a couple years they tell me.  And every year they also need another check in December and when I told them I would be in the south at that time, they gave me a remote reporting machine which reads the computer in the ICD and sends the information to St. Boniface via cell phone data.  This is so I don't have to pay some cardiac clinic down here, big bucks to do it or fly home to do it there. So today was the day to do that little chore.  Here is the machine that collects and sends the information back to Winnipeg.

This is the little pad that I place over my ICD for a couple minutes to read the information on it.

The pad is held over where my ICD is implanted in my upper chest.  They tell me the ICD kicks like a mule if my heart ever stops.  It is more powerful than the ones you see in public places in the little cabinets because the wires go directly into my heart.  I hope I never have to use it, but it is comforting to know that it will likely save my life if it is needed.  Anyway the report was sent successfully and if there is anything out of the ordinary, I will receive a call from the Heart Failure Clinic in the morning to ask me if I remember anything happening.  But no news is good news in this case.

Enough of that.  Here is the view from our window today:


  1. Sounds like you are enjoying your time there. Nice that you have that machine to do the monitoring and send the info ball home.

  2. I failed the movie test. What is it?

  3. That is a great setup for checking your machine, modern medicine sure is great.

    1. sometimes scary when you see what they can do with my heart from a laptop without any wires connected to me.


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