Friday 14 December 2018

Out for Supper

We are still enjoying some time off here at Three Lakes.  It is such a peaceful place to be.  Most of our days are spent just visiting and hanging around.  So when we get a chance to go to town we jump at it. We have been invited by the group to go to Kissimmee for supper tonight at the Elks Club, so we headed in about 4 pm to be there for 5.

I wrote in my post about the gang being inducted into the Elks earlier this week, so tonight they are officially Elks members and can sign us foreigners in.  The club is a nice lounge type atmosphere with lots of snow on the roof type people sitting around.  They were all happy to see us come in and we felt quite welcome.

We all enjoyed an awesome supper with a salad and drink and it cost less than 30 bucks for Sue and I.   I had a 6 ounce filet and Sue had fish.  Thanks guys for inviting us.  We enjoyed our evening with you.

Harold and his wife, Julie, Ron, Deb, Jerry, Andy, Bonnie, Sue, and Me!!
After supper we had to make a stop at Walmart on our way home.  Harold's wife found a funky outfit and we couldn't figure out why anyone would buy it.  It is sure in keeping with the Christmas spirit.  Thanks for modelling it.

Pat and Harold have moved to a new spot so I will leave you with a picture of that tonight.


  1. A fun night out!!! Glad you're enjoying the relaxing pace. Nice to just sit and do not much of anything for a while. Enjoy.

  2. Relaxing enjoying the surroundings and tasty meal out with friends sound like a wonderful time.


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