Sunday 23 December 2018

Up Up and Away

Launch time was set for 8:51 this morning.  We got all set up again and guess what?  They launched it.  It wasn't as spectacular as I had anticipated but it was great just the same.  And we have been waiting for this for like a week.  There will be a few more launches while we are in Florida so stay tuned for them.

Odd job day around camp today.  Laura hooked up her folding solar panels and is happily creating sun power.

Ron and Julie got their windshield cover completed.  Janice did a great job on it.  John gave Ron some windshield covers and he was happy with them.

We had some new people join the circle.  Welcome Brian and Ellen and Cheeko!!!

And Susan finished her little project for Julie.  She transformed a table with a picture of Sponge Bob, that Laura gave her.. 

Into a Florida Coastal beach picture.   I think it will be great.

At the end of the day we had an awesome bonfire so I will leave you with that as our view tonight.


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