Thursday 13 December 2018

The Frog

Today was just a day to sit and chat and do up some chores that needed to be done.  Sue and Pat headed to town for the day so Harold and I kinda took the day off.  I had a little job to do which took me most of the afternoon between visits.  We had been having trouble with our light wire between the Ponderosa and the jeep.  I had to wiggle things just right to get the lights to all work on the Jeep when we were towing it.  I figured it was time to change out the plug and the end of the cord on the Jeep.  When I got it apart the one end was quite rusty.  Guess it was time.

In the afternoon I was wandering around chatting with our new friends in the circle and Bonnie shows me her potted plant.  There was a frog in it.  It was the cutest little thing.  Based on my friend Mr. Google it is a "Little Tree Frog".   They are plentiful in central Florida.

Our other friend Deb was busy trying to make a nice pine branch into a Christmas Tree.  She was decorating it with home made decorations and it was starting to look good.  I think it will get lights later.

The girls didn't get home until late in the evening so three was lots of guys around the fire tonight.  Because we are running out of views from our window I will leave you instead with some pictures of our surroundings.  The fire was our surroundings tonight.

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