Wednesday 19 December 2018

Still no Rocket Launch

Everyone was up at the crack of dawn (9:00 am) to view the rocket launch that had been scrubbed yesterday.  News spread quickly that the launch was scrubbed again today.  It was an excuse to get together for coffee in the courtyard again.  Tomorrow is supposed to be stormy so it will probably be scrubbed again.

As soon as we learned the launch was off the girls gathered their things and off to shopping they went.  It will be nice to have peace and quiet around camp this afternoon, and maybe us guys will be able to sneak a nap.

A lot of the day was spent doing some odd jobs, but mainly just sitting around chatting.  We had an extended Happy Hour at Ron's place today.

The rain that was forecast began around 5 o'clock so everyone kinda migrated to their own nests for the evening.  The girls got back from shopping around 8 so we all settled in on the couch for the evening.

Here was the view out our window today.

1 comment:

  1. I hope Harold's wife and Sue had an excellent shopping day!
    I'm sure you'll eventually see a launch. A peaceful day for sure.


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