Tuesday 25 December 2018

Merry Christmas.

Merry Christmas to all our Family and Friends.  Yes that means you!!!

Although we in our hearts know the real reason for the season we still are able to feel some of the magic of Santa.  And we believe that Santa stopped by the Ponderosa last night some time.  He left us stockings full of Christmas stuff and a tin of cookies.

The writing does look a little familiar.  It is Santa's writing and I remember it from other Christmas's.

Charlie was happy with his stocking and waited not too patiently for a taste of what was in there.

Sue and I got busy and opened our stockings.  Santa was so good to us again this year.

There were not a lot of people around this morning.  Only the signs of the get together last night.

Not long after, Brian showed up to visit and Father Christmas himself showed up.  Doesn't he look good in his Christmas suit.

Then the rest of the gang started to gather on our patio.  Its nice to host the party once in a while.  Everyone was in the Christmas spirit.  Laura was giving all of the dogs treats.  They love her to death.

We were blessed today with the opportunity to Face Time all of our children and grandchildren and their families today.  This is one of the things that make it possible for us to be away for so long.  We get to share them opening their gifts and they all gave us a tour of their new toys.  Thanks for making us smile.

Again today Deb worked on the dogs.  They sure pay attention to her and she has so much patience with them. 

In the afternoon we all met again for another "Throw Down".  Nothing like good food to bring a group together.

It was a great day for us with friends at Three Lakes Florida.  This was the view out our window tonight as everyone enjoyed a bonfire.  Thanks Laura for some of the pictures.

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  1. I bet Charlie loves his stocking! Good food and friends are always welcome! Thanks for sharing Lorne


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