Monday 31 December 2018

Disney Springs

I checked Facebook this morning and Shelley, a friend of ours from back in Manitoba had posted this picture with a caption that said it was -41C with the wind chill this morning.  I don't even remember what that kind of cold feels like.  We hope you make it to work without frost bite Shelley!!

I only thought about the cold for a mere fraction of a second and went and changed into my T shirt and shorts for the trip to Disney World today.  We are going to meet Harold and his wife and their daughter Julie there to tour Disney Springs and then go over to the Polynesian resort to watch the Kids New Year's Eve fireworks at 7 pm.  That is a wonderful time for New Years Eve!!

I got Sue to pose in front of the Frozen Christmas tree so our grand kids could see it.  Most of them like Frozen stuff.  Well at least the girls do.

And the Mickey and Minnie tree.

And what the heck is this?  Anybody remember the amphibious cars that were produced back in the 50's and 60's?  I think they were a flop, but they have one floating around out here.  They were called Amphicars and you and a couple friends can rent one along with a Captain for $125.00 per hour.

Julie was enjoying the warmth today and was our tour guide for the day.  She is fun to be around and her leadership skills came in handy a few times today.  The Loch Ness Monster showed up in the background.

We wandered around Disney Springs for a while before hopping a bus and heading over to the Polynesian which will be our starting point for the tram tour.  Disney Springs and all of the Disney transportation and all of the resort displays are free to see.  You don't have to buy a theme park ticket. Parking is even free at Disney Springs.

Most of the Christmas Decorations at Disney are still up and there are Christmas trees everywhere.

From the bus, we boarded the tram for a tour of some Disney Parks and Resorts.  

We enjoyed the view from the tram.  Lots of pretty stuff around the lake.

First stop was the Floridian Resort.  They tell me about 4 to 500 bucks a night will get you a room there.

Inside they had another giant Christmas tree.

They also have a gingerbread house.  It is actually made from gingerbread!!

By the time we did our tours it was starting to get dark and time for fireworks so we went back to pick our spot on the beach.

We were right across the lake from Magic Kingdom and the lights from it shone way up and bounced off the clouds.  It is truly a magical place.

As I said before, they had a 7pm New Years for the kids complete with some amazing fireworks.  They spare no expense on them.

Then back to Disney Springs to for some supper.  Julie chose the Polite Pig for supper and it was great.  Nice to be spending time with our friends.

Down the street there was a band playing some good music.  Now I am not a music guru but I recognized some Bon Jovi!!!

We parted ways about 10pm and headed back to the Ponderosa.  When we got there I noticed that Laura was outside having a bonfire so I joined her for a bit.  She was using her wax and cardboard in a cookie tin bonfire.  It really burns well.  You fill the tin with cardboard, then melt wax on top of it a light it.  It burns a long time.  Anyhow we talked for a while and I headed to bed.  John and Val joined her later and we heard them holler "HAPPY NEW YEAR" at midnight.  We almost made it but not quite.

So instead of the view out our window I will wish everyone the very best in the New Year.  


  1. We watched a show about the making of that gingerbread house, it was pretty interesting. Happy New Year!

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  3. Glad I could help with some “leadership” at Disney Springs! I thoroughly enjoyed the Polite Pig for supper as well. I will say my Grade 1 students require less rests throughout the day when out on a field trip then the group I had at Disney...JK

    1. LMAO...few extra pee breaks for the group this time I would imagine :P


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