Monday 3 December 2018

Moving East again

Today is move day.  We have been in this awesome spot near Biloxi MS for 17 days and enjoyed every minute of it.  We plan to get a couple hundred kilometers down the road on our way to the Orlando FL area.   One of the things that lots of people say is that we will not be able to boondock in Florida.  All I can say is "HOLD MY BEER!"  Now we may stay in some spots where there is a fee to be in, like State Parks and Wildlife Management Areas, and maybe the odd Walmart if we have to, but we don't plan on paying actual camping fees anymore than we have to.

Our friend Janey was back for a day or two to ride her horses so she stopped by to say so long.  I love the orange ears on her horse so the hunters can see them.

We said so long to our friends Chuck and Angie and Ed and Lessie.  We will meet up with them again this winter somewhere.

Harold's wife waving
First plan was to get fuel, and propane and then head down I-10 to the first rest stop east of Biloxi and use their dump station.  It is very handy to have these dumps and they are clean and free.  And you can stop for a break while your at it.  Just watch your feet after using the dump station right Harold?

We headed through the tunnel in Mobile and eastward towards our destination.  Then up and over the bridge again.  We turned off I-10 soon after and headed down to highway 90 which is a much more relaxed drive.

We travelled through Alabama and on into Florida where we will spend the next couple months.

I always like to see the fields of cotton, but have never witnessed the harvesting process.  One day maybe we will see it.

Once again Sue waved her magic wand and found us an awesome boondocking spot.  We ended up at a neat little boondocking spot by a boat launch on Forestry Land.  We are just on the outskirts of the Blackwater River State Park so there is no charge for staying here.

Not long after we got here the sun went down and I  pulled out the propane fire pit.  We sat around and roasted some hot dogs before retiring for the night. 

It got a little cool out and Lexi found a warm spot to hide for a while.

Here's where we are for a couple nights before we head east again.

And the view out our window tonight:

And a wee peek out the other side:


  1. You guys amaze me out how you manage to find such great boondocking spots! Enjoy Florida.

    1. You need to come hang with us for a while. Sue does an excellent job of sniffing them out and we have some other good friends like Kyra that we use for resources.

  2. Dupuis WMA and Hickory Hammock are both nice. Go online for HH to register and get the combo for the gate. I liked parking on the grass vs one of the sites. Keep an eye out for fire ants. Turtles come out of the long grass at night at MY. All their rattling around scared the crap outta me until I figured it out. ;)

    1. Thanks Kyra for the info. Sue is putting those in her bag of tricks. Hate the fire ants but the turtles would be fun to see.

  3. Oh I love the Mobile Tunnel!!! Great picture. We stayed in Blackwater State Park for a few nights. Nice area. Enjoy.

  4. We are actually just outside of the Park at the boat launch which is actually forestry land, hence the FREE!!!

  5. Enjoy your time wandering about Florida, lots off free boon docking sites if you do your research.


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