Monday, 17 December 2018

Meet our Dogs

I have promised to do a dog blog and I will do it today.  We have a lot of dogs here in this group and they all have different personalities.  The neat thing is that they all get along together in their own special way.  Of course our "Charlie" is the "Star Dog" in our minds and so he is first. Charlie is spoiled rotten and that is just the way it is going to be.  He lives for treats.

 Charlie sometimes acts as our navigator when we are travelling.  He likes to see where we are going.

He of course has his girlfriend "Lexi".  Lexi belongs to Harold and his wife.  She is the barker in the family.  She warns us every time someone moves.

Charlie is very protective of Lexi and sometimes goes after other dogs if they get too close.  He completely ignores her but comes unglued if another dog pays attention to her.  They are more like brother and sister I guess.

Whenever we go out with Harold and his wife, we make sure that they stay together in the Ponderosa.  They crawl up on the couch and chillax while we are gone.

There are two female dogs in our group right now.  Jerry and Deb's dog "Sierra" is a sweetheart and she loves to bark.  I think she barks just to hear herself.   Don't get me wrong, she doesn't annoy anyone with her barking, in fact she is super quiet around camp.  She just loves to bark when the gang gets together.  She comes and nuzzles me for a treat quite often.

The other female is "Sasha".   Sasha belongs to Brian and Sue and is affectionately known as "boobs".  I have not been told the story why, and I'm not sure I want to know.  Sasha is a little older, and she is having some skin troubles right now.  We hope she gets better soon.

Then there is "Laslo".  Laslo belongs to John and Val and is a quiet little fellow.   He is like his owner John and poops a lot.  He is a mommy's dog and you can find him curled up in Vals lap under a blanket most nights around the bonfire.

"Willie and Gus" belong to Ron and Julie and are as cute as buttons. Gus has taken a liking to my treat pocket, and when mom isn't looking he will come and paw at my pocket looking for treats.  Because of that, he gets a few.


And then there is Colt!!  Colt is a pussy cat!  He is full of fun and snuggly and gentle and big and loveable.  He too has found my treat pocket, and he takes his treats sooooooo gentle you can hardly feel him.  He is up to a big ole rub any time.  Colt belongs to Andy and Bonnie.

 Now that you know all the dogs in our group I will tell you what actually happened around here yesterday.  Not much!!!   I have been hearing a weird tinny tinkling in my generator lately.  It is like something hitting the flywheel and I thought I should take off the starter and see what might be in the hole by the flywheel.  When I got the starter off I discovered I was right.  The spring on the recoil for the starter drive was broken and it was sticking out far enough that it would rattle on the flywheel gears.

I got rid of the little loop that was protruding and put the starter back in and no more rattle.  However I will have to figure out where I can get a new spring because I am sure that one will fail soon and it will not be good for the starter gear if it does.  I will You Tube it an find out how to change it out and that will be a project for another day.

Ron and Julie were doing a project making a bonfire in a can.  They put a whole bunch of rings of cardboard in a cookie can.

Then they melted a bunch of candles in a pot and poured the wax in on top of the cardboard.  The added a couple candle wicks and they will let it set up for a while.

The extra wax got poured into a bunch of bowls and they will save that wax for the next one they pour.

We will try the bonfire out one night and I will let you know how it works.

Another full timer, Laura, joined our group tonight. She came in from the Keys today. She is friends with everyone else because she was here before, and by God, she will be friends with us before we leave here. lol  She has a couple dogs who I will show later.

Laura, Brian, Sue
We are sure enjoying our time here at Three Lakes.  I will leave you with our sunset view tonight.


  1. There are a nice bunch of dogs in your group. I will just say Charlie is a very handsome boy.
    Had to giggle when I saw the bonfire in a can. When I was in Girl Scouts we made buddy burners in tuna fish cans just like that. They were then placed under a large coffee can and we cooked breakfast on the beach.

    1. Yes I remember our daughter doing that as well. And then the leaders got lazy when they discovered tea light candles. lol

  2. Hey good to hear that the dogs are all getting along and you guys are enjoying life and making new friends. Merry Christmas and have a wonderful New Year. Savanna was thrilled that you emanated her to work for you next year. Ti.e will tell on that.
    Give Charlie an extra treat from me. Linda Hildebrand

  3. Wonderful doggie bio's. Thanks for the update. Charlie is special though and I'm sure that Harold's wife feels Lexi is pretty special too.
    Interesting fire ring, seems like a lot of work though.


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