Tuesday 18 December 2018

Rocket Launch...Nope!!

Today we all bailed out of bed to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for the rocket launch from Cape Canaveral this morning at 9:11 am.  We all got our coffee before we found out it was delayed to 9:34 am.  Everyone got all lined up in their chairs and sat in anticipation.  About 9:30 it was announced that the launch had been scrubbed until tomorrow morning at 9:07 am.  We will try again then.

We have some new friends pulled in this morning to get our help with their solar system.  This group belongs to an organization known as Justice & Mercy International.

Because they are helping out with less fortunate youth around the world, we all pitched in to get them up and running.  We are looking forward to learning more about what they do for the community and where their travels have, and will take them.  They have a very nice Entegra Aspire motorhome.

The guys didn't take long to get to lookin over this big rig.  It is as shiny as it can be.  Event the motor is shiny.

It became apparent real quick that they will need some special brackets to hold their solar panels down so everyone pitched in to solve that problem.  The boys cut and bent some aluminum and the brackets came to life.

You can tell my buddy Harold is a welder, cause he is the one with the proper gloves on doing the grinding.

Yesterday afternoon Laura joined us and she gave everyone a tour of her Seneca Motorhome this morning.  Sue loves these rigs, so she was in her glory.  It is very roomy inside.

Laura travels with her Harley as well so I'm guessing she is the envy of Ron and Julie and Andy and Bonnie, who are bikers at heart too.

Today is water and garbage day so off to Kenanville we go.  There are certain days when things just don't go right and today was one of them.  If you were keeping score, I went 2 for 6.

1.  We loaded up the garbage to drop off at the dump site at Kenansville.  We passed the dump at    4:03 and the dump guy was just pulling away after locking the gate.   FAIL  Score 0-1
2.  We were going to pick up a parcel for John and Val at the Post Office and arrived there at 4:06.  Wicket was closed, although we could still hear someone in the back.  FAIL  Score 0-2
3.  We were going to pick up Laura's solar panels at the Feed Store, but UPS had not been there yet and the girl basically said she wasn't staying a minute after 5 to get it.  FAIL  Score 0-3
4.  I went to the hardware to get a fitting to put on my freshwater tank.  I had no idea what I needed but they had a good selection of fittings and I found one that will work.  WIN  Score 1-3
5.  After a nice little time in the store we went back to the Jeep to leave and remember the smelly garbage we didn't drop at the dump?  Yup Charlie had it all over the Jeep.  It took us about 10 minutes to clean it all up.  Lucky there was a trash can there to put it in.  FAIL  Score 1-4
6.  So off we go to get water down at the boat launch.  I made sure I had my hose and everything this time so I could fill the water bladder.  When we got there, I got the bladder all set up and the hose all hooked up.  Then I went to get my pliers to turn on the tap which is missing the handle and guess what.  No pliers.  Nothing even resembling pliers.  FAIL  Score 1-5
7  So I took the hose all off and wound it up and put it back in the jeep.  I thought maybe I could turn it by hand so I tried it and wow! It turned with my fingers.  So string out the hose again and fill the tank.  This was not going to be another trip in vane.  WIN  Score 2-5
8.  When we got home I thought I might install the new fitting in my water tank.  It is an 1 1/2 inch fitting and so I got out my hole saws, and guess which one is missing.  Yup!!  FAIL  Score 2-6

So by the end of the day I was good and ready for a nice cup of tea by the bonfire and that is what happened.  This is what we saw out our window tonight.  Pretty nice.


  1. Hopefully your next errand day goes better!

  2. Oh, we must be twins. I have a lot of days like that. Hahaha....
    Did Harold's wife help him with the grinding, does she have gloves too?


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