Saturday 15 December 2018

Honoring some Veterans

Today we were invited to accompany Andy and Bonnie, and Ron and Julie on a very special journey to Okeechobee today.  They are all volunteering to help place wreaths at the graves of veterans to remember their service to their country.  We all got on our best shoes and headed out.  Harold and his wife came with us as well.

When we got to Okeechobee we headed straight to the cemetery and met Ron and Julies son and his family there as well.  

The event is called Wreaths across America, and it is getting to be a popular one across the country.  It is held to honor veterans who have served their country whether in combat or not, and have passed away.

The Sheriffs department seems to be in charge of the program in Okeechobee and a couple of the officers were here on their steeds.

They had a short ceremony as a tribute to the veterans we were about to honour by laying a wreath on their grave.  The ceremony came with a colour guard and a piper and some speeches from ex marines and the sheriff.

At the end of the ceremony as the piper played Amazing Grace,  anyone who had a relative veteran buried here was invited to place a wreath on their grave, before the wreaths were laid in mass.  That gave a personal touch to the ceremony.

A lady going to place a wreath on a relatives grave
After these wreaths were laid, everyone else was invited to lay wreaths on all of the other veterans graves.  Boxes of wreaths had been placed all around the cemetery.

We all split up and did our parts to honour these veterans.

We as Canadians were pleased to be a part of this ceremony, and we are thankful for everyone's service in keeping our countries free and safe from external dangers.  It matters not if they are American or Canadian, we are thankful for them.  Both Sue and I laid wreaths as well.

On the back of each wreath was a tag you could tear off and keep to remind you of this event.

After the ceremony we all headed to Dairy Queen for a quick lunch and a little visit with Ron and Julies son Josh and his wife Bobby Jo and their children, Josh Jr. and Audrey.   What great people they are and their kids were so nice to talk to.  It gives your heart a warm feeling to see kids that are raised with family values and respect like these youngsters had been.

We took a drive down to the Lake Okeechobee to have a look.  It was raining, but Harold and I walked out on the pier for a look.  We saw a big ole alligator just slowly swimming toward the shore.  I guessed that he was probably 12 feet long and he was in no hurry.  Neat to see.  Not a very good picture but he was a long way away.

After the lake we made a quick stop at the Human Feedlot (Golden Corral Buffet) so that Harold's wife could pick up some buns for tomorrows Throw down.  You can find out what a throw down is in tomorrows post.

By the time we got home it was time for Happy Hour.  Brian Boone of Got Solar Installed had purchased a new toy which allowed him to take awesome panoramic photos, so he took one for me to use on my blog tonight.  Thanks Brian.  I will use it for my view tonight:


  1. 'Harold's wife', 'Harold's wife', Harold and his wife'... have you forgotten her name?

  2. By that comment it sounds like you are in Deep.
    Good thing you didn't go to the National Cemetery outside Bushnell Florida. There are over a Quarter Million Veterans buried there.
    Be careful of those larger Alligators. They can sprint at 30 MPH. How fast are you?
    Be Safe and Enjoy!

    It's about time.

  3. Thank you for honoring our veterans.

  4. I was going to mention the Harold's wife thing myself but Kyra beat me to it.
    Thank you for honouring all Veterans in your post tonight and for the laying of the wreaths today.

  5. Lol You noticed too?? Lol There is a story to it which I may or may not tell at some point.


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