Wednesday 12 December 2018

Rocket launch and a Basket

Our lives have become sort of humdrum for the time being.  We are enjoying just "living" for a while.  We know things will get busy after Christmas with our kids and grandkids starting to arrive on their quest to find Mickey Mouse.  So for now we enjoy coffee on the deck and afternoon happy hours and evening bonfires with our old and new friends.  This morning my coffee was interrupted by a hoot and a holler from the circle next door and lots of pointing.  I went running over there just in time to observe the trail of a rocket being launched to the east of us.  That is where Cape Canaveral and NASA's launch pads are.

As we were watching the trajectory started to change.  It began to turn to the south in a gentle arc.

Then it sort of levelled out and began a big turn to the east.  I have never watched a rocket launch before but this didn't seem like what I would expect to see.  Hmmmmm

It made a big circle and headed out over the ocean.  I lost sight of it completely after that and went home to do something else.

Some of the guys say it came back later and circled again and then disappeared behind the trees.  We still wonder what kind of a flying machine it might be.

A little while later Julie came over to show us a basket she had.  It was very intricate weaving and looked very pretty. She had been reading Kyra's comment on my Monday post about a lady named Hazel Wilkins who came to Three Lakes WMA to spend the winter for a lot of years.  Julie had to come show us the basket Hazel had showed her how to make, and to tell us about her relationship with her over the last few years so that we could pass the information on to Kyra.  Julie said that Hazel came here last year and her eyesight had declined to the point where her son had to assist her to get here, and had to come get her when she was heading home.  She told everyone that last year was her last time to visit this beautiful spot, so we will not have the pleasure of meeting her this year.  She sounded like someone we would have enjoyed knowing.

Julie brought her dogs Gus and Willie with her when she came to visit.  Charlie enjoys when they come over for a visit.  It is nice to see all the dogs just wandering rather than on a leash all the time.

Harold and his wife finally have their solar system fully installed and working.  It will be nice for them not to have to run the generator any more.  H was up inspecting his new solar farm.

Happy hour was at Ron and Julies today.  We solve a lot of the worlds problems at these informal gatherings, so if you want to know how the world operates, come on down and we will tell you.

We have an awesome spot here and I never get tired of the view out our window:


  1. Interesting launch. Love the little basket, very nice. I too am enjoying the view you show us!

  2. Thanks to Julie for the update on Hazel. Her baskets and trays were amazing. Sounds like you are making more great friends this year!

  3. How cool to see that launch! Such a cute little basket, and a nice hobby.
    Enjoy your relaxing time - I feel since retirement I have become even more of an expert at it! btw, is that Solar Brian who was at the Q and did our panels?


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