Friday 7 December 2018

Our Florida Home for a while

Today we will complete the last leg of our journey south for this winter.  From now on we will be heading back towards home.  We will stay there for a while, probably until the end of January.  Here is our planned trip today.  We will end up at Three Lakes Wildlife Management Area, which is a little camping area in a grassy area with some trees and hunters.  It is about 30 minutes south of Saint Cloud and the Kissimmee area.  Not far to go to Disney!!!

We saw some pretty roads on our way here in the last couple days.  It was like going down a country lane sometimes.

Our trip was uneventful except for the massive amounts of traffic as we went through the Disney World area.  It was stop and go a lot of the way.  We finally arrived around 4 pm and got all set up in a nice spot that Brian Boone had scouted out for us.  We are here to get solar put on Miss Daisy, (Harold and his wife's MH).  Brian is a professional installer are you can check him out at Got Solar Installed.  He gives probably the best product for the lowest price in the country.  If you want solar on your rig, he's the guy to call.  He and his wife Sue do all the work themselves so it is a quality job.

Here are some pictures of our spot which will be home for a while.

Here is the view from our window tonight.


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