Saturday, 8 December 2018

Getting to know everyone.

We had morning Happy Hour at our house today. Everyone came to check us out I think. I hope we can impress them enough that we can stay!! Certainly a great bunch of people. Most of them have been here for a while already so they are like the locals. We have to see where our niche will be and work on bringing our styles to the table. We will introduce them to you in a later post.

We hope the temps will be more consistent here, however we also have to be prepared for the humidity.   With the exception of some showers every thing looks good.  The rain is warm so it is not really a hardship.

We are starting to settle in and Sue and Charlie seemed quite satisfied with their new surroundings.  We will be fine.

Brian and Sue had a bonfire along with all our new friends, so we joined them.  It was so nice to sit outside after dark in our shorts and not be cold.

Here is the view from our window tonight:


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