Wednesday, 26 December 2018

Julie has arrived!!

Well the first of the kids to visit Florida was Julie.  Julie belongs to Harold and his wife and I got to meet her a few years ago.  She is a teacher back in Manitoba and has come to spend time with her parents and to soak up some rays (and a wee bit of shopping).  Lets hope for good weather for her stay. Harold and his wife are spending a week or so at Manatee Hammock Campground near the Kennedy Space Center.  There will be lots for them to do around here.

We have a new neighbour behind us at Three Lakes.  Laurence and her dog Paul have parked there in anticipation of getting Brian to do some work on her Solar.  Welcome to the circle Laurence!!  Sue was Facetimeing her sister when I got the picture of our neighbours rig.

We planned to spend Boxing Day with them and to have a wee traditional turkey dinner.  We headed over to where they are, which is about an hour and half drive.  We decided to take the toll road to speed things up.  You can drive quickly on the toll road, but without a Sun Pass, you are always stopping to pay a toll and digging for change.  I think it actually took longer than if we took the country roads.

I was totally surprised when our friends Ed and Lessie joined us for dinner.  They are back from up north where they spent Christmas and are having some work done on Roundtuit over in Clearwater FL so they drove over to be with us.  Nice to see them again.  They hope to join us as Three Lakes when the bird can fly again.  We all enjoyed some chat and a nice Christmas dinner.

We sat and chatted and played some games around the bonfire until well after dark before saying goodbye.  Glad we got to spend some time with them at this time of year. We had an hour and a half drive home again so off we went.

This was the view out our window today:


  1. I commented but it didn't show even though it says it posted. How strange.

    I mentioned that it was nice to see so many of your regular crew again. Harold's wife, Ed's wife, Lorne's wife and of course the husbands as well.

  2. Lol. My wife and I were just commenting that you sound like the type of person that would fit in our group real well. A good sense of humor with just a touch of cheesiness!!! Thanks for making me giggle.

    1. Glad I could help!!!! I think your sense of humour is a hoot. I look forward to one day crossing paths.

  3. Nice to see the gang together again!

  4. Why do you always say 'harolds wife'? lol...Doesn't everyone know Pat??? just kidding dad.


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