Monday, 10 December 2018

Solar Begins

The reason we came to Three Lakes in Florida was to meet up with Brian Boone and get P & H's solar system installed.  Today was the day to start on it.

When I got mobile and had a coffee brewed, I went over and checked on the activity on the other side.  Harold was busy cleaning up some of the old parts they had salvaged from their other rig.

Brian and Sue had their work tables all laid out with the stuff they will need.  Its sure handy that they can pull their customers rigs right up to their front door.   It saves dragging stuff around all the time to the customers site.

First thing they had to do was decide where everything was going to be installed.  Brian has done a lot of installs so his recommendations are generally good ones, however he still makes sure the customer will like what he is doing.  P & H were doing some thinking here.

Sue and I headed into Saint Cloud about lunch time to do some chores.  First plan was to stop for breakfast at a little restaurant that was recommended to us.  We had a nice breakfast for a decent price.

After lunch it was off to the laundry to make some clean cloths.  You know we are close to Disney World when Mickey Mouse is part of the decorations.

While we were waiting on the laundry Sue went next door to the Health Food store, so against my better judgement, I wondered in too.  Having nothing to do I got looking around and had to smile.  Being a farm boy, my dad spent a lot of time trying to get rid of what we call noxious weeds.  Now I see them on the shelf in this store.  That's crazy.  Do you remember these weeds??

And how do you stick Mothers Milk in a tea bag.  Doesn't it just run out of the bag??  I call BS. lol  And people buy it??  I guess so.

We had a good day and got home about 8 just in time to watch a Christmas Movie.  It was a sappy one, but aren't they all?

Here is the view out our other window tonight:


  1. If you see an old gal named Hazel Wilkins with a Minnie Winnie say hi! Ask to see the pine needle baskets she makes, they are lovely. She would propably give Sue n Pat lessons if they asked.

  2. It made me laugh when I read your comments about the tour of the Health food store. I am of the same opinion. Just how do the organic farmers keep the bees from the non organic farms from entering their properties?

  3. I enjoy reading your blog Lorne. You are an insightful man!!! Hahaha. Great post.


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