Friday, 21 December 2018

Survivor is over.

One of the few TV shows I watch any more is Survivor.  I think I have watched every one since it started 37 seasons ago.  With the exception of some of the ones where they had repeat contestants, I have enjoyed seeing the variety of dynamics that show up in the game.  In the early seasons, lying was not a popular thing to do and as the shows progressed, everyone realized that you have to lie a little bit to stay alive in the game.  But there is a fine line and its fun to see if crossing it is bad for your game.  This season was no different and my guy did not win.  I don't think I have ever picked a winner.

Here were my 3 favorites in this show.

And Jeff has been he host since the beginning of the show and without him I'm sure it would not be as successful.  I can hear his favourite line now "Survivors Ready?"

Yesterday was not a rainy day, but the wind blew and the clouds came and went.  Still enough sun to fill our batteries, but not enough to be comfortable outside.  I did go for one walk and I thought I would take some pictures of the different set ups we have a Three Lakes.  Remember this is mainly a hunt camp and these people leave there campers here for most of the year and only come on weekends to hunt so it is not all high class units.  Enjoy.

We are parked near the entrance in a big group and have a big courtyard in the middle.  I may get the drone up one day and will do an view from upstairs.

Here is the view from our window tonight:


  1. Some pretty interesting set ups there. I think yesterday was on again off again cloud/sun everywhere. At least the cool weather didn't stop you from getting outside.

  2. The only part that I don't care for is that some of them run their old loud construction generators 24/7. And they will be here for a week over Christmas probably.

  3. We are also big Survivor fans! Not a bad season, and we are looking forward to the next one.

  4. That is quite a variety of set ups. Yes, loud generators 24/7 are not fun to listen to. We feel bad for the people around us when we run ours for a couple of hours and I am pretty sure it is not that noisy. Does sound like you are enjoying the place you are at.

  5. We used to watch Survivor, probably after 10 seasons we stopped. It got a little too much and I didn't like when past contestants came back either. Glad you are an avid fan, we all need something to entertain us. Maybe next season you'll guess right. My only reason to ever watch it again, is Jeff. Cutie patootie, he is.
    the campers you showed are just a 'tad' below upper class. Drone pictures! Bill needs to take more too.


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